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View Poll Results: How Serious Are You About The Rep System?

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  • Very Serious: Everytime a new green dot appears, an angel gets its wings.

    5 10.87%
  • Pretty Serious: My Whole Self Worth Rests on it.

    3 6.52%
  • Serious: I really believe I May be a freaking rockstar

    2 4.35%
  • I am neutral on it.

    10 21.74%
  • It amuses me, breaks the ice with others.

    19 41.30%
  • I loathe the rep system.

    3 6.52%
  • I don't know what I think about the rep system.

    4 8.70%
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Thread: How Seriously Do You Take the Rep System?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    I don't know what Sona was. He must have well-developed N if he's now making up stories about his most likely imaginary wife at INFPgc.

    Oh, and at INTPc, where he went by Prolific, he said he was an INFP.

    Prolific/Sona/Simran are quite the chameleons!
    Simran claims to be ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    Does anyone really take it seriously? Seriously....
    I don't think it was meant to be taken all that seriously when you consider the titles that are associated with the various levels. The titles themselves are not that serious.

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