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Thread: I need something to bitch about...

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    Actually I find it's that kids these days are being forced more or less to do things like play video games etc. I know I don't really have the freedom to do half the things my father did as a kid because everyones gotten so paranoid about protecting others from themselves. Hell I'm wondering if any of the things I did as a kid will even be options for my own kids. I'd probably end up on child endangerment charges if I let my kid do half the things I used to enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    I just wanted to see if I could stop the thread cold.
    Oh, sorry, that was in response to the compliments I'd gotten, haha.

    But looks like Ender bit.

    That's an interesting point, Ender. I tend to agree that more and more laws are being made to protect people, but often at the cost of freedom. If nothing else, this society is making the mistake that many other past societies have made, of sacrificing liberty for security. Case in point: all the new anti-terrorist laws designed to penalize anyone in the USA who is suspected of "terrorism," their definitions of which sound dangerously and eerily similar to simply "disagreeing with the government."

    I also tend to agree with you, Kiddo, that our generation faces many challenges that past generations could never have dreamed of. To be fair, though, each generation probably faces new problems the others haven't. I think one of our biggest hurdles is that we're working harder for less. When our parents and grandparents were young adults, one person with a high school education could probably afford what today it would take two married people with college degrees to afford. Education is much more rigorous and important, and maybe I'm dreaming, but it seems like insurance for everything (car, house, health) eats up significantly more of our paychecks than it once did our parents'.
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    Insurance companies. Always a good topic for the grumpy...
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