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    Default Great moments in intuitive childhood

    I preemptively put this in the fluff section, but the question is serious - This is the place to post quotes that betray the intuitive child. I'll start with a gem from my ENTJ brothe's early days: "Mum, if I'm sitting on the loo and somebody comes in to shoot me - do I fall to the right or to the left?".
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    ROFL!!! your brother is hilarious.

    Not really that intuitive. but, when I was 5, I asked my mother " mom... if god created us, you created me, and there is no one greater than god, who created him?"

    she wasn't very happy with my question

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    As a child I was always able to tell who my mother was speaking to in the phone. I also knew when it is not smart to ask anything from dad.

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    My pastor's 8 yo child was playing with some neighbor kids that were the children of uber-fundies. He told his father that the neighbor kids weren't allowed to read greek mythology because they think it's evil. My pastor asked him what he thought about that. The 8 yo thought for a second and said, "well the greeks gave us our alphabet, so I think we should at least know the stories that they used their alphabet to write."
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