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Thread: I really hate cake.

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    I am so ridiculously picky with cake. It has to be moist (typically where the batter is made with pudding), not have a lot of icing, and have some sort of awesome cream in it.
    Hmm, it'd be best I just show you

    Any type of cheesecake

    Boston Cream Pie

    Ice Cream Cake:

    Hmm...well, I don't know if they're all considered pies, but oh well. My tastes buds just kicked into gear. All I know is that I HATE birthday cakes. Those dry, crusty, too much icky frosting type of cakes.

    I like to believe I have refined tastes.
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    All the people who don't want icing or corner pieces are free to give them to me. YUM!
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    Quote Originally Posted by demimondaine View Post
    tamske's cakes sound wonderful!
    Thanks! I'm willing to share recipes if you like them

    i, too, hate *bad* cake. and too much frosting (especially most commercial frostings). even as a little one, i avoided corner pieces and flowers. i swore i could taste the dyes!
    You can. Dyes have taste.

    i like a few cakes, especially flourless chocolate cake with spices!
    Recipe? Because I like to experiment in the kitchen!
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    This thread takes the cake. I've always been a big trifle fan...

    Just looking at it makes me drool. It ain't no small thing, that's for sure.

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    I'm seriously very fussy about cake. Too much frosting or the use of butter cream and it's likely to turn my stomach, if it smells sickly sweet, I won't wanna eat it, if it has that really runny jam in that just gets all over everything, I won't wanna eat it, if the slice isn't small, it outfaces me and I won't wanna eat it. Having said that, lots of things that you don't wanna eat sometimes have to be eaten out of respect for the person who spent ages slaving over an oven so that people could celebrate with a cake. Chocolate cake is or that Marble cake is the best bet with me though, angel cake is alright too

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    This thread is seriously making me facepalm. Well I'm thinking it in my head.

    I hate cake. I like chocolate. I hate icing. I like candles?

    The cream is gross. Though I like the sponge cake, if it is not too dry.

    Favorite cake would have to be black forest!

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