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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    I don't mind transplants that's whatever, but i do mind when the transplants assume i'm from the suburbs, no bitch i've lived in this area of town since i was 3 i've been here longer than you and i'll be here even after you're gone. the reason why I don't go out is because of people like you. Yes i realize this is now the hip part of town, but here's the thing it's my home, I was here when your parents wouldn't let you come after dark because they were afraid you'd get murdered. I've never been murdered. So you transplanted from the suburbs, how come others aren't allowed to, isn't that hypocritcal. And here's the thing there's some awesome transplants in this part of town. Oh and complaining about rent prices going up? get a room mate and hope you realize I also live in clarksville and that's more blue collar than here and you can't get a place for less than 700 a month the rent prices here are lower than there. if you want to complain about rent move to florida,ny, or california. you'd then be grateful for the rent prices here, ungrateful bastards.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Some dental floss is just really shit.
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    Why do I always feel so hungry when I have a hangover? I just ate like half of my fridge and I still want more!

    If you want words to live your life by
    Walk the graves, walk the graves
    It's written on the headstones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inis Mona View Post
    Why do I always feel so hungry when I have a hangover? I just ate like half of my fridge and I still want more!
    From what I've read/learned over the years, it's your body's craving the nutrients that were lost due to processing the alcohol and its digestive byproducts and excreting all of that. A few possibilities to try before scarfing down half of everything in your fridge include:

    • Water
    • Gatorade (or clone)
    • tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato soup, V8

    A large part of a hangover's headache is due to dehydration. If nothing else, drink plenty of water to replace all the fluids you've lost. Gatorade also helps replace potassium, sodium and electrolytes that also tend to get low when the body becomes dehydrated. Tomatoes, etc., have a surprising amount of potassium, in addition to vitamins A and C and some magnesium.

    Read up on the symptoms of potassium deficiency and dehydration and see how closely they align with how you experience a hangover.

    Finally, a good tactic to prevent hangovers is to drink a lot of water alongside any alcohol you might consume. This has the effect of both keeping you hydrated and causing you to drink alcohol at a slower rate.
    An argument is two people sharing their ignorance.

    A discussion is two people sharing their understanding, even when they disagree.
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    I get so misanthropic sometimes.

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    I'm pathetic and will never amount to what I want to, regardless of whatever effort I put in.
    Jarlaxle: fact checking this thread makes me want to go all INFP on my wrists

    "I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing."
    -Roger Waters

    ReadingRainbows: OMG GUYS
    ReadingRainbows: GUESS WHAT EXISTS FOR ME
    hel: fairies?
    Captain Curmudgeon: existential angst?

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    Why do they close all the good threads?
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

    --Theodore Roosevelt

    “Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.”

    --Friedrich Nietzche

    I have a Johari again

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain curmudgeon View Post
    I'm pathetic and will never amount to what I want to, regardless of whatever effort I put in.
    The world can sure make you feel that way.

    The world can take a hike though
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    Having left home at the age of fifteen, I was pretty much forced to become an adult. I had to go to school and work in the lab. I also got a job when I turned eighteen, whilst continuing my studies. When I lived in the US, anyone under the age of twenty-five was really whiny about everything under the sun. Tuition is too high even though you're stripping your way through college on top of the fact that your parents are paying your way. This is too hard. I hate that I have to actually study to pass a course in basket weaving. Why do things cost money? Government owes me everything. My parents are so mean. Suck it up, people. You have things to do and the vast majority of you sure as hell aren't special, so get that ridiculous notion out of your mind.
    I went and dug up this old diatribe after remembering some other things the same person said (this was from another site). What I can't place is why I feel so guilty and disgusted reading this again. Besides the shame that I went to college and failed out at isn't allowed to feel bad or frustrated because one isn't special enough? I feel bad all the time...and have certainly felt some of these things? Expressing discontent is entitled and whiny? Is really the only acceptable way go through life with your head down, toiling at things you don't care about?

    Then again, this person was a prodigy, so we're all mindless cattle compared to her. What she calls a basket weaving class was probably actually quite difficult.

    I know full well I'm not special, I just want to be. At least I'll be entitled to my feelings then.
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    when u sneeze and fart at the same time

    edit: meant to post this in the random thought thread!!!! leaving it here
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