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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    Horrid day today, and tomorrow will be abysmal. That might be a good thing though, contrasting the remaining horrid days of this week to appear less horrid.

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    Adobe Acrobat!

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    Listening, what was so black and desolate melted away like magic. Even if I only felt this way for a moment, nobody could take that moment away from me. It's funny how everybody turns around and looks at me like I'm weird when I say this, I know this will sound gushy and affected, melodramatic at the very least. I am sure you guys won't have missed these rants. But...I just don't ever feel more alive. So fuck everybody! I want, at least some of the time, to be able to be who I am without feeling ashamed.

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    Wearing three jackets to bed... no, this isn't a metaphor.

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    Horrible shivery vomity sickness.

    Fortunately it appears to be lessening.
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    I hope others get that I'm not complaining or lamenting when I'm just talking about uncomfortable things - hell, 75% of these things thrill me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Opal View Post
    Wearing three jackets to bed... no, this isn't a metaphor.
    I'll wear my bathrobe to bed rather than get an extra blanket sometimes.
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    where the fuck are all the cups? and thanks for saying we're out of cleaner, or you know maybe replacing it. considering i've bought all the cleaning supplies in the house
    by @magpie

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    Ten minutes ago I got in the shower with my t-shirt and my glasses on and my cell phone in my hand. I'm so done with showers.
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    Do you ever have that time when you can't help but think of the saddest possible things. Even when you are hugging someone you care about with all your might all you can think about are those people who have no one to hug who are dying from lack of care? It usually happens to me when I am lacking it sleep, but it sucks, Being around people I care about won't get rid of it, taking something to help me sleep only makes it worse before I sleep and then I get bad dreams. Ughhh it's horrible it makes me want to die so I don't have to deal with how overwhelming the feeling is. Maybe I'm just horrible with my emotions, but when you think of the people you care about and you never want to hurt them and then you think of all the bad in the world and know how many people are being hurt it's so hard to be happy.

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    I don't know where to write this.

    Today is one of those days.

    I hate the thought that my life depends on marrying someone I never met.

    I hate depending on someone else.

    I hate not being able to be independent from other people.

    I hate the place where I live.

    I hate the places where I've lived.

    I hate most of my family.

    I hate being alone.

    I hate feeling alone while I'm with most people.

    I feel like a prisoner of my own life.

    I am afraid of being unable to love.

    I just can't stand any of this anymore.

    I don't have enough willpower to stand any of this.

    And the most terrible thing is that people who have bigger problems than mine are still struggling out there to get better lives, and I sometimes just feel like a loser.

    Dreams are so much better than real life.

    I am sorry.

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