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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    Overall, I'm fed up.
    I hate that the rotting sack of vagina who is supposed to be my ENFJ friend treats me like I'm not a separate entity from her when I try to maintain the friendship. I also hate that she treats me as nonexistant if I'm not up her ass, texting her or trying to hang out. However, she wants to hang out, but it's certainly my fault if I have a life that tries to revolve kinda-sorta around my own self-respect.
    I can't stand how retarded my brother is. How he isn't going to get the clue to get his shit together until he destroys something in this house, his kid gets injured because he's passed out/retarded off pills, or he suffocates from falling asleep in a plate of food. I also can't stand how he doesn't know how to just shut the fuck up and stop rambling nonsense about nothing that no one cares about, esp when pilled up.
    I hate being made to feel like I'm an idiot- or that I'm not making enough effort with my relationship. I can't stand being made to feel like a bad guy that can't just tend to someone's 'wants' when they can't even buckle down and listen to me, or remember some consistent and basic details about my life. It makes me feel like a really distant, warm body with no real input, relevance, or reward.
    I can't stand not being able to buckle down in my school-work and learn Statistics, because A. I find it ridiculously difficult to absorb and B. I get too easily stressed about everything else to focus well enough.
    It frustrates me that I wasn't given the chance, like everyone else, to revise a scenario I wrote for First Aid class. It makes me feel as though I can do no right, even when I make the attempt to explain myself.
    I'm anxious because I feel like I can't work hard enough to accomplish my goals. As if I'll never be good enough for them, even if they are few and not that far-fetched. I'm also anxious and pissed toward myself, for seemingly becoming more and more detached from my own perspectives on life.
    I'm tired. I'm stressed. I feel disrespected and irrelevant. I damned well feel emotionally invalidated as of late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    I second these points. Why on earth did she tell him that? Either she has zero imagination or there are shenanigans afoot.
    I sometimes wonder if people need training lessons on "how to be a good partner" and "it's okay to expect mature behaviour from your partner".

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    My mother is a psycho retard.

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    Wow I just read through some of this thread for the first time and suddenly I don't feel like ranting about my broken space bar anymore.......

    Take your time Toshiba, I will just grab the external again........

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    What the hell is that horizontal scroll bar in your post, up there? It blew my whole iSpy screen apart like a bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    What the hell is that horizontal scroll bar in your post, up there? It blew my whole iSpy screen apart like a bomb.
    Horizontal scroll bars happen when your monitor width isn't big enough to handle the width of the text/images. Since she's not using spaces, it's counting them as all one word.

    Wtf is your resolution set at old man, 800x600? Get yourself a pair of glasses and a real monitor, Grandpa.
    “Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside
    them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe.” -Neil Gaiman


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    Lol! Fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    Horizontal scroll bars happen when your monitor width isn't big enough to handle the width of the text/images. Since she's not using spaces, it's counting them as all one word.

    Wtf is your resolution set at old man, 800x600? Get yourself a pair of glasses and a real monitor, Grandpa.
    1440X900, you whippersnapper!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Lol! Fixed.
    Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    I had to uninstall that sucker and fall back to an earlier version.
    You need to update more things than your monitor sir.

    Last edited by figsfiggyfigs; 03-28-2011 at 07:48 PM. Reason: I used to be a FireFox Fan, until I realized how shitty it is in comparison to Chrome.

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    I mean, obviously, those things mean something to them. But I just sometimes go through life thinking "why are we even talking about this?" I mean..I really don't care about your lunch, about your new clothes, anything like that. I still wear sandals that have had a whole in them for 6 months in them now. When I finally get around to buying new ones..I'm not going to announce it to the world as if it's an accomplishment. They're just sandals...$20 anyone can have them if they want. If you want to tell me about yourself (feelings, thoughts, theories, ideas, inspiration) that's stuff I can listen to all day. But as soon as the conversation moves to something trivial I just feel like screaming.

    I guess I'm just really focused on what the "point" is. You are telling me that you and your Mom had my mind I'm like.."Do you still love her? Then stop talking about it to me..and talk to her. Do you need a phone? Oh you already have one? What's that? You hate her? Well stop talking about her because she's just causing you stress. And you in turn are causing me guess what? Not only do I now hate you..I hate your Mom too. Go tell that to the next person who has to sit through this mindless drivel... lunch at 3?"

    (I usually skip to the lunch part...I find that people are more likely to accept if I do...for what reasons..I have yet to find out...)

    Basically, stop bothering me unless you have a point. If you have a point get on with it...and leave me alone. So in the end..stop disturbing me.

    (Although I do turn into them once you get me going..ask me about death (and my plans to not do it..because thats for the weak..) and I can talk your ear off for hours. Same with if you are really lucky..what I'm really planning to do with myself. It involves nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, a space shuttle...and in the words of professor utonium ..."chemical x"..)

    (Hmm..maybe I should try to make a real life version of the powerpuff girls...)

    this sounds ixtj. or maybe just an intp that has just stopped caring. either way..I have a new rule. Unless you have known me for 5+ years if I don't talk to don't talk to just stand there...and I'll be doing the same here...

    Now if only people would just follow the rules....I should get a shirt...or maybe just stop showering...just create a bubble of Mkenya no one will bother me. Ward them off with my powerful B.O..

    Stupid people would still come too close. I need an island.

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