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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    omfg I HATE being gay! I hate being attracted to straight guys and not being able to do anything about it. I hate having to hide my feelings in the dark cave of my heart. I hate wanting that I can't make someone love me. I hate that I can't just have a normal relationship. I hate that no one I'm attracted to is gay too. I hate that I'm constantly distracted by my feelings and unable to focus on business or schoolwork. I hate that I can't just wish away my feelings. I hate that people will never understand what I'm feeling, and worse, I hate that I can't give them the chance too. I hate having to put up this front and pretend like I'm really powerful and mature all day when inside I'm a vulnerable, wounded child. I hate that wonderful women love me but I can't love them back.

    ...feeling VERY emo right now

    Being straight wouldn't make this any different.

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    I want to run away from my life and come back to it a couple years from now, but cannot figure out a way within reason to make this possible.

    Fuck you, life. Hard and in the ass.

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    Sixty three and sunny my ass.
    It snowed today! WTFFFF

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    It's either option c or else he is handling some other badness/worry/insecurity/whatever in his life in the wrong way. If he's got something that he needs to have out with you, he should say it directly. Otherwise what he is doing is the equivalent of walking into the house and smashing things to relieve his feelings. He'll do that as much as you allow it, so draw some pretty clear and definite boundaries for respectful behaviour and be prepared to back them up. You are not being oversensitive or PMSing. That's just ignorant behaviour.
    Yea, something probably is going on with him...wish he wouldnt take it out on me! Thanks Fidelia, I feel better hearing that I'm not being over sensitive. I will try and talk it out with him later...I will need to be tactful for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd Girl View Post
    Hmmm... jackass. Movie. -choke, cough-

    It's tough to say what's going on with him without actually being there, but it sounds like he may need 'timeout' alone in his man cave.
    I know right, the movie Jack lame! Are we in high school!? lol . We are in separate rooms right now. I am so not in the mood for all this crap!

    Thanks for hearing me rant for a ciggy. <3 xoxox

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    Humans are confusing and infuriating, I contemplated drinking, but I cant, because Im taking antibiotics and I need sleep and have a headache...

    Maybe a bit of loud music will help....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    Being straight wouldn't make this any different.
    umm, are you kidding me?
    1) when you're straight, you have millions of other straight people to talk to about any relationship problems you encounter
    2) you don't have to hide that you love women
    3) seriously, if you express your true feelings to a woman and she rejects you, who cares? the only result is that people respect you more for being honest and brave
    4) you can actually have a family
    5) your pool of potential mates is about 20X larger
    6) you don't have to keep secrets from your family about your love life

    this is the least empathetic comment I've ever seen in my life. I know you're an INTP, but come on, this is just pathetic.

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    I have no sympathy for people who can't bother to read information I send them, and later run into problems because of it.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

    My blog:
    TypeC: Adventures of an Introvert

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    My neck has been sore from the minute I woke up today. I'm about to go to bed with a sore neck. This is fucking ridiculous, because I've spent hours trying to stretch and twist and yogatize and breathe deep. Why!?

    I can't do anything. I really can't do anything, all I can think about is this fucking neck...

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    How do you manage to dirty the entire downstairs in one evening?!? Is it that hard to rinse your dishes? Or to cook without turning the entire kitchen into a disaster zone?!? Is there really a need to use 6 glasses in one evening?!? When you're munching out in the living room...just put back the box of cookies, pick up your dishes.. you only have to move like 10 feet to put it all away.
    And don't fuckin' accuse me of doing nothing all day but being on the fuckin' computer because i wake up early, feed the dogs, put the dogs out, put Brooke in her kennel and then clean up for over an hour (i'd like to see you clean in the morning!), then i have another hour to play with Clover and Maiden, work on training with them, get some breakfast, then it's time for the devil to come out of her kennel.. the entire time she is out i can't even look in the direction of my computer..or any direction that isn't aimed at her. I don't stop with Brooke..OUR dog.. i do 10x what you do with her because i understand that a pitbull needs to be VERY well trained! So after a few hours with's time for her to go back in her kennel and for my other 2 dogs to come downstairs again.. during the next 2 hours i spend about 45 minutes working on my dogs, practicing my lines so i don't blank out on stage in front of hundreds of people, and yes i go on the computer.. and 90% of what i do on the computer is reading dog training material!... If i get to sit down and veg out for 10 minutes while you're at work i'm lucky!

    ...sigh... I took too long writing this. I think i'll be requiring an energy drink today!
    "You can't take a picture of's already gone."

    “But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”
    -Mark Twain

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    I hate to wake up with a bad taste in my mouth.

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