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Thread: People With Bad Breath

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qre:us View Post
    Little similar, not a lot. As, fixing a fly is a 1 sec zip-up, and is due to unmindfulness. While bad breath is a condition, and, there likely is no quick fix, if it's so bad that you can regularly smell it off them, and at a distance.

    Gum disease is a big culprit - and no amount of flossing, brushing throughout the day, chewing gum/breath mints, mouthwash, tongue scraping, can help that. Those afflicted with heart disease also seem susceptible to this, as are those suffering from diabetes. Acid in the stomach can also be a cause.

    Halitosis is not always a quick fix or a question of the person's lack of dental hygiene.

    If you're close with them, I think you can speak to them about it. But, if it's a professional setting, it might be appropriate to tell them. I dunno about random strangers, even if you have to suffer them for a while. I'd rather remove myself from the situation, if at all possible.
    This is a great post. I've never been good at confronting people about how they smell. The whole thing is embarrassing. Have you ever heard of B-Fresh? You can get it at health food stores or places like The Vitamin Shoppe. Keep it in your pocket at work and offer it up. I had a co-worker a few years back who had terrible breath, and this stuff completely neutralized it. B-Fresh Gum and Mints | Sugar Free | Gluten Free
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    I'm going to start a "which type has the worst breath" topic soon, poll included.
    Stay tuned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohengrin View Post
    The day I found a proper solution felt like a rebirth of sorts. (A regime of Chlorexidine usage, regular flossing and, most importantly, monthly tooth-scaling helps keep it under control.)
    You can mouth-wash with Chlorhexidine gluconate? THAT's news to me.

    We've got a big bottle of Hibiclens at the house... I'm guessing that's not what you use, being as it's mostly soap. Are you rinsing with Hibistat?

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    A co-worker used the phone at my desk once, and I had to replace the receiver. The bad breath smell would not come out of it no matter what I used to try to clean it with. I suspect the culprit was tooth decay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    You can mouth-wash with Chlorhexidine gluconate? THAT's news to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    You can mouth-wash with Chlorhexidine gluconate? THAT's news to me.
    It's the most effective mouthwash out there. Unfortunately, it's not intended for long term as it stains one's teeth brown.

    Fortunately, I don't suffer that particular side-effect. Even if I did, brown teeth would be preferable to the alternative.

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