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Thread: What is "Hipster"?

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    hipsters are a collective entity which behaves not unlike locusts, infesting towns and cities with pre-existing culture or at least fertile soil. they multiply quickly and soon begin throwing coked-out* dance parties with laptop "dj's" playing generic upbeat music that hipsters aren't allowed to admit liking for more than a week.

    their weekly theme parties are an attempt to substitute substance for spontaneity. they fail in spontaneity because it doesn't matter what costumes they are wearing or which genre of music they are pretending to like/not like, its all the same bullshit.

    *cocaine is a drug that helps substitute a lack of self-confidence for what can be perceived as personality, depending on if the perceiver is also on blow. makes sense that it is the fuel that drives this nonsense.
    "All authority of any kind, especially in the field of thought and understanding, is destructive and evil. Leaders destroy the followers and the followers destroy the leaders. You have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary."

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    Hipsters are artsy, pretentious, pseudo-intellects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post
    haha, i think the people that attack and make fun of hipsters (and other sub-cultures) are more ridiculous and set in their ways.
    i don't know. i guess it is a lot easier to marginalize people though, rather than interact on a personal and individual level.
    i'm gonna have to agree with this...oh how i hate labels...hipsters..punks...emos...i don't really know or care what defines people as such.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i'm gonna have to agree with this...oh how i hate labels...hipsters..punks...emos...i don't really know or care what defines people as such.
    They do, at least punks and emos - dunno about hipsters. The self-identification is very strong in these groups. Their very existence is endangered if you don't accept their labels, at least they think so.

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    What was once hip is now cool.

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    It is easier to define a hipster by what it is not.

    Stuff Hipsters Hate

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