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Thread: Video games versus foruming/social networking: Which is better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Maybe because of your username your posts just look extra complain-y. Too late for a name change? I know you can come up with something less depressing.
    I could use some help with it.

    Just because it might be "depressing" to you, doesn't mean it's depressing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miserable View Post
    I could use some help with it.
    Go to the dictionary, open up a random page, and point down. That word is ten times better than what you have now.

    Or how about Covered With Bees?

    Quote Originally Posted by Miserable View Post
    Just because it might be "depressing" to you, doesn't mean it's depressing to me.
    True, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    Meh. I like both. Where's the option of both? Or neither? And I prefer foruming to social networking.

    When one starts to bore me, I turn to the other. With video games, it's just you and the game, all in your head. Forums bring an element of "human connection", so you have no choice but to come out of your head. I like to toggle between the two whenever I feel like it. Lately, this forum here is winning, big time.
    + 1

    only, I like videogames more when I'm playing them with other people. It's just better that way. Somehow, I feel... alone lol, when playing a game on my own, and no matter how good it is, I just don't see the point. Though a while ago I would have answered very differently.

    add: oh, and despite having a bioshock avatar, I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY PLAYED IT SINCE I BOUGHT IT!!! ... not to say that I never played it.
    5 3 9

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    The correct answer is video games.

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    Foruming FMW (for my win lol ).

    I used to really enjoy gaming, but then I found a forum and it's never been the same since.
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