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Thread: What made you happy today?

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    I woke up early enough that Im gunna go get donuts! Yummy delicious donuts. I cant wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD45T-2 View Post
    So when this next one (presumably) fails like the others are you just going to keep getting more of the same?
    That's what my dad does with our pool cleaner. It breaks, he bitches at the company to give him a new one, they do. It works for a few months, it breaks again, he bitches, they give him a new one. Repeat. I guess it's slightly inconvenient in that he has to keep getting new ones, but convenient that it's practically an infinite supply of pool cleaners for the rest of Ever?
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    Possibly the best Halloween shopping luck I could possibly have had.
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    My growing self love powers.
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    My health troubles and travils are at least not to do with my diabetes for the time being.

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    USPS tracking says the free faucet replacement will arrive tomorrow.

    A Tom Waits song was featured on one of the new X-Files episodes. That just made me like, stupid happy. Big giant dumb grin & warm fuzzies.

    Cricket murdering his stuffed monkey to where he was snorting at it as he bit/kicked it. Carrying his plastic jingle-bell ball in his mouth like a weirdo, trying to play with it in bed. Talking to the dead leaves that blow by the window whenever there's a breeze. Cuddles.

    Also just found a lidocaine patch I forgot I had. Might take the edge off my hip. Then I'll clean some stuff. Listen to Mr Waits. Occupy hands, daydream.
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    03/23 06:06:59 EcK: lex
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    In 18 minutes I can go get chicken noodle soup- Ive been craving it for FOREVER. Its cafeteria chicken noodle but... I WANT SOUP.

    Lol- like all of my posts are about food. I swear. Donuts, soup... well. Food is good. So there.

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