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    I dont feel great today but a shower and coffee is making me feel better.

    I wasnt ready for it but my mum made a fry and I'm glad I still have my mum and dad, siblings and pet dog, though I didnt feel great today and didnt say much to them. The fry had bacon cooked how I like it and I was able to eat that, even if I couldnt eat the other things.

    My meds and blood sugars may have been messed up today but I'm appreciative of the fact that I have meds to help control my diabetes type two, I'd be a lot worse without them.

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    I found some cocoa while cleaning out my cabinets which was cool.

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    I saw the happiest most smiley family I've ever seen before in the row in front of me at church today. It was clear the cause of the happiness of this family of 7 was the youngest daughter who had a developmental disability that rendered her unable to talk or walk.

    Take the weakest thing in you
    And then beat the bastards with it
    And always hold on when you get love
    So you can let go when you give it
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    I found change in my pocket I didnt know about.

    I really busted it at the gym and for a moment I was actually considering not bothering and just driving home after the end of my shift at work. I only went because there was a detour due to road works in the end up but it felt great.

    I had a really good stake for dinner.

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    Realizing the report I was rushing to finish before noon is actually do at midnight.

    I suddenly feel so free...but barely.

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    My friend went with me to the store for groceries because she was bored, and I ended up inviting her over for dinner because neither of us had eaten. We made chicken & rice & veggies. I'm a clumsy disaster in the kitchen so it ended up being her doing most of the cooking while I assisted, cleaned up, set the table and made us tea lol. I also made us parfaits but it was a messy disaster (although delicious).
    It was very fun. I really like doing domestic things with friends.

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    I saw a lot of people I really like today, had not seen them in years and years.

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    There was a paunchy little guy in khakis shadow boxing and listening to the them of Rocky in the elevator with me this morning. I'm not sure what his deal is, but he seems to inhabit a happy place and that made me happy.
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    Met an old, facebookless friend for dinner today, we had steak and then cake and coffee.

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    I've moved on from the puking stage to the "I'm really hungry but scared to eat" stage which is a huge improvement.

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