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    I couldn't quote you no Dickens, Shelley or Keats
    'Cause it's all been said before
    Every picture tells a story don't it

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    Streetlight walks the waters
    Rising fast and dark and deep

    Well is your work of art so heavy
    That it will not let you live?

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    I'm cursed like Cain when he murdered his brother
    Cut your face off and wear it while I'm fucking your mother
    I'm mars ultor, the avenger, the god of war
    And if you don't believe in me, I doubt you believe in god at all
    I breathe smokeless fire, the gin type
    That'll make you hate the way that allah made you to live life
    Like hindu, niggers, that be bleaching their skin white
    Other people's teeth in my hands after a fist fight
    I was born with a sixth sense and a swift right
    Skin werewolves and rape demons at midnight

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    We're gonna cause talk and suspicion
    We're gonna give an exhibition
    We're gonna find out what it's all about
    After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down

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    Did you know that a river runs under the pavement,
    On which you happen to walk?
    When you wake up at night
    And see the light in the basement,
    Go and slip through that crack in the door

    It's the crack that you follow,
    But once in a lifetime
    It's the gate, it's the gate, it's the gate,
    Through which the dreams enter
    Underworld, underworld, underworld,
    That's where you fall
    Underworld, underworld, underworld
    That's where you rise from.

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    Like a Phoenix
    I have risen from the flames
    Like a Phoenix
    I have risen from the flames
    No more living
    Someone else's dreams.

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    Hello stranger,
    Can you tell us where you've been?
    More importantly,
    How ever did you come to be here?
    Though a stranger,
    You can rest here for a while.
    But save your energy,
    Your journey here is far from over.

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    well, I followed the hunt fast as I could
    through many weathers into this wood
    took one shot in the dark
    with a silver bullet, silver through heart

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    Me...I'm rusted and weathered
    Barely holding together
    I'm covered with skin that peels and it just won't heal

    The day reminds me of you
    The night hides your truth
    The earth is a voice
    Speaking to you

    Take all this pride
    And leave it behind
    Because one day it ends
    One day we die

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    They started off beneath the knowledge tree
    Then they chopped it down to make white picket fences
    They marched along the railroad tracks
    And smiled real wide for the camera lenses
    They made it past the enemy lines
    Just to become enslaved in the assembly lines

    Blue lips
    Blue veins
    Blue, the color of the planet from far, far away

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