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    [OK Sat, that's beyond cheating now.]

    Change everything you are
    And everything you were
    Your number has been called

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    Anew Leaf


    [It's not cheating. It said "answer with a line of lyrics" and I am delivering. *confers with lawyer* I rest my case.]

    And there's gold falling from the ceiling of this world
    Falling from the heartbeat of this girl

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    Through my eyes I can see
    A shooting star
    Weavin' its way across the sea
    Somewhere from Mars
    Down the street we would run
    To scratch our names in the path
    Young and free in the sun
    Wheels upon the tar
    I said you do
    I said you do
    I said you do
    I said you do

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    Anew Leaf


    [Tosses down Gauntlet in jaunty fashion while gold falls from the ceiling of her heartbeat and she continues to go on and on and on and on.]

    'Cause you can't hide what you intend
    It glows in the dark
    Once you've sought
    The path of revenge
    There's no way to stop
    And the more I try to hurt you
    The more it hurts me

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    And now I know just what it is
    It's called disease and it's got my head
    It always runs where I hide

    Too scared to talk, too scared to try
    Too scared to know the reasons why
    And all my friends say bye bye

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    I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know,
    Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold
    I'll be fine, once I get it, I'll be goooood
    For all that we have done, as a civilization, as individuals, the universe is not stable, and nor is any single thing within it. Stars consume themselves, the universe itself rushes apart, and we ourselves are composed of matter in constant flux. Colonies of cells in temporary alliance, replicating and decaying and housed within, an incandescent cloud of electrical impulses. This is reality, this is self knowledge, and the perception of it will, of course, make you dizzy.

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    They say I'm crazy
    I really don't care
    That's my prerogative

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    I know, you'll say
    I'm not doing it right
    but this is how I want it

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    It's too late to fight
    It's too late to change me
    Well you may be wrong for all I know
    But you may be right

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    You make a pretty fine memory Oh
    Once you find out next to me Oh
    Just in time now wait and see Oh
    If they're cryin' out for you or me
    You wanna live right over the time You wanna live right over the time
    Gimme everything I know oh everything I know

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