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    I remember that day
    When our eyes first met
    You ran into the building
    To get out of the rain
    Cause you were soakin' wet

    And when I held the door
    You wanted to know my name
    Timing is everything.

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    Kraken down on piracy Lux's Avatar
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    I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
    you were famous, your heart was a legend.
    You told me again you preferred handsome men
    but for me you would make an exception.
    And clenching your fist for the ones like us
    who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
    you fixed yourself, you said, "Well never mind,
    we are ugly but we have the music."

    And then you got away, didn't you babe...

    I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best,
    I can't keep track of each fallen robin.
    I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
    that's all, I don't even think of you that often.
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Thought breeds thought." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    Well you may not be beautiful,
    but it's not for me to judge.
    I don't know if you're beautiful
    because I love you too much.
    the formless thing which gives things form!
    Found Forum Haiku Project

    Positive Spin | your feedback welcomed | Darker Criticism

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    Kraken down on piracy Lux's Avatar
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    You thought that it could never happen
    to all the people that you became,
    your body lost in legend, the beast so very tame.
    But here, right here,
    between the birthmark and the stain,
    between the ocean and your open vein,
    between the snowman and the rain,
    once again, once again,
    love calls you by your name.
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Thought breeds thought." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    Did you lose yourself somewhere out there?
    Did you get to be a star?
    And don't it make you sad to know that life
    Is more than who we are?

    We grew up way too fast
    And now there's nothing to believe
    And reruns all become our history
    A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio
    And I won't tell no one your name
    And I won't tell em' your name

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    And I sing and sing of awful things
    The pleasure that my sadness brings
    As my fingers press onto the strings
    In yet another clumsy chord
    Haligh, haligh, an awful lie
    This weight will now be satisfied
    I'm gonna give you only one reply
    I know not who I am

    But I talk in the mirror
    To the stranger that appears
    Our conversations are circles
    Always one sided
    Nothing is clear

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    Let me count the ways Betty Blue's Avatar
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    She is like a cat in the dark
    And then she is the darkness
    She rules her life like a fine skylark
    And when the sky is starless

    All your life you've never seen a woman
    Taken by the wind
    Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
    Will you ever win?
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Could I be, was I there?
    It felt so crystal in the air
    I still want to drown, whenever you leave
    Please teach me gently, how to breathe

    And I'll cross oceans, like never before
    So you can feel the way I feel it too
    And I'll mirror images back at you
    So you can see the way I feel it too

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    No, no
    no, no, no
    no no no no NO no

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    If you got it, flaunt it
    Make the cowboys want it
    You gotta shake that thing

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