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    My life
    You electrify my life
    Let's conspire to ignite
    All the souls that would die just to feel alive

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    Fox the fox
    Rat the rat
    You can ape the ape
    I know about that

    There is one thing you must be sure of
    I can't take any more
    Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey
    Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey

    Shock the monkey to life.

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    This wild electricity
    Made static by industry
    Like a bird in an aviary
    Singing to the sky
    Just singing to be free

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    I've always had wings
    And I'm finally ready to fly

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    Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
    Take a bow, play the part of a lonely, lonely heart
    Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
    To the world you thought you lived in

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    Owner of a lonely heart
    Much better than a
    Owner of a broken heart

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    This is the way you left me,
    I'm not pretending,
    No hope, no love, no glory,
    No happy ending

    This is the way that we love,
    Like its forever,
    Then live the rest of our life,
    But not together

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    Are you there?
    Say a prayer for the pretender
    Who started out so young and strong
    Only to surrender

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    "Don't be so scared
    It's nothing new
    It's the same old game
    Only fun with two "

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    Two of us sending postcards
    Writing letters
    On my wall
    You and me burning matches
    Lifting latches

    You and I have memories
    Longer than the road that stretches out ahead
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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