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    Another suburban family morning
    Grandmother screaming at the wall
    We have to shout above the din of our Rice Crispies
    We can't hear anything at all

    Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration
    But we know all her suicides are fake
    Daddy only stares into the distance
    There's only so.much heartache he can take

    Many miles away
    Something crawls from the slime
    At the bottom of a dark Scottish lake

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    car wash (also on sundays)
    no longer afraid of the dark
    or midday shadows
    nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
    nothing so childish
    at a better pace
    slower and more calculated
    no chance of escape
    now self-employed
    concerned (but powerless)
    an empowered and informed member of society (pragmatism not idealism)
    will not cry in public
    less chance of illness
    tires that grip in the wet (shot of baby strapped in back seat)
    a good memory
    still cries at a good film
    still kisses with saliva
    no longer empty and frantic
    like a cat
    tied to a stick
    that's driven into
    frozen winter shit (the ability to laugh at weakness)
    fitter, healthier and more productive
    a pig
    in a cage
    on antibiotics
    the formless thing which gives things form!
    Found Forum Haiku Project

    Positive Spin | your feedback welcomed | Darker Criticism

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    So your brother's bound and gagged
    And they've chained him to a chair
    Won't you please come to chicago just to sing
    In a land that's known as freedom how can such a thing be fair
    Won't you please come to chicago for the help that we can bring

    We can change the world, rearrange the world

    It's dying - if you believe in justice
    Dying - and if you believe in freedom
    Dying - let a man live his own life
    Dying - rules and regulations, who needs them

    Open up the door.

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    Well,don't make me close one more door
    I don't wanna hurt anymore
    Stay in my arms if you dare
    Or must I imagine you there
    Don't walk away from me...
    I have nothing, nothing, nothing
    If I don't have you, you, you, you, you, you...

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    What you gonna do when things go wrong?
    What you gonna do when it all cracks up?
    What you gonna do when the Love burns down?
    What you gonna do when the flames go up?
    Who is gonna come and turn the tide?
    What's it gonna take to make a dream survive?
    Who's got the touch to calm the storm inside?
    Who's gonna save you?

    Alive and Kicking
    Stay until your love is, Alive and Kicking
    Stay until your love is, until your love is, Alive

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    Bad boys, bad boys
    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    When they come for you
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
    you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth

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    The wild boys are calling
    On their way back from the fire
    In august moon's surrender to
    A dust cloud on the rise

    Wild boys fallen far from glory
    Reckless and so hungered
    On the razors edge you trail
    Because there's murder by the roadside
    In a sore afraid new world

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    I'm a wild child, come and love me
    I want youuuuuuuuuuu
    My heart's in exile, I need you to touch me
    Cause I want what you do
    I want you (I want you, I want you)

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    Like a true nature child
    We were born
    Born to be wild
    We have climbed so high
    Never want to die

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    (Sing a song, brother)
    If the sun refused to shine,
    I don't mind, I don't mind.
    If the mountains fell in the sea,
    Let it be, it ain't me.
    Got my own world to live through
    And I ain't gonna copy you.

    Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
    I don't mind, I don't mind.

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