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Thread: Make a wish for 2010

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    Wishes are too effortless. Aren't accomplishments more enjoyable when you worked for them?

    Let things happen naturally, me says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    I've had this suggested to me a few times in the recent past. It is a possibility, but I doubt it. I see it as being an initial shock to our population, followed by us living like we did before industry for the rest of our lives. Nothing more special than that. It's not the old replaced by the new, it's the current replaced by the old. And I've never been one to romanticize pre-industrial existence.

    The only bright side is, hey, the environmental crisis will be averted!
    Hmm. I doubt it will be either myself. For example I don't think we'll return to horse and buggy. Instead we'll head toward electric vehicles or maybe ultra-efficient combustion vehicles. However for this to happen the city of Detroit must be destroyed. (Not literally destroyed, just economically.) And that is just what is happening now, except Detroit is getting bailed out, so it will take longer than it should. But in the long run the big three in Detroit will either go out of business or find a way to be profitable after downsizing a lot. A new set of car companies will lead in providing for future transportation.

    Now imagine that instead of this happening to just the automotive industy, it happens to almost all of the industries. It would look like a total industrial collapse. In reality it is just the old passing away and being replaced.

    Remember that 5% unemployment is considered "full employment". This is because there are always going to be people between jobs even in a good economy. However, if a lot of industries were being replaced at once then the unemployment rate would go up because there would be a lot of people in between jobs. It might be that there is something better replacing the old, but it would look kind of scary while it is happening.

    Now why would something like this happen? What new thing would possibly replace the old way? Well there are a variety of factors, but I think the biggest one is probably the internet. The internet is changing a lot of different business models by making things cheaper and/or more efficient. For example a few decades ago Sears was the king of retail, but now Walmart is the king of retail because almost everything is cheaper there. In a decade or so I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon or Ebay became the king of retail. Walmart would be really hurting and have to lay off lots of people, but in the mean time Amazon and Ebay would be really growing.

    So that's kind of how I see it. Our economy is transforming, and that is why things look to be in bad shape right now. However you have a point about population being a problem. A population that is shrinking and/or lengthening in life expectancy does actually pose a serious economic threat. This is because while private industry has a lot of natural mechanisms for adapting to the economic environment, our government does not. So it's hard to say how the government will deal with the costs of social security, medicare, etc.... They might adapt too slowly to prevent a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    My wish for 2010:

    A fulfilling, secure, rewarding job where people respect me, appreciate my skills, and provide me with enough work to keep a comfortable standard of living as well as with opportunities to grow and learn.

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    Intelligent healthcare reform in the US.
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    Unintelligent healthcare reform in the US.
    You can call me Charles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argus View Post
    Unintelligent healthcare reform in the US.
    That's not much of a wish since we already have that.

    My wish: Better health.

    My health went straight downhill this year (pulled abdominal muscle, buzzing in left ear that doesn't seem to want to go away, and constant indigestion). I need to turn it around.
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    Personal clarity.

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    That unicorns truly exist
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    A wish: having time to finish my novel. Actually finishing the thing and being able to start a new one!
    A good intention: actually using my free time to finish my novel.

    (Okay - I'd wish for world peace, too... if it would help. I'm convinced that wishes don't do anything towards reality until you really work on them. Both my above wish and good intention have a possibility to come true.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
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