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    Quote Originally Posted by hilo View Post
    You already know this, but genetics matters. So does early environment, when we have less control (what we ate, how many sunburns, etc). We've also recently found amazing levels of vitamin D deficiency in the US adult population, which is directly linked to higher cancer rates.
    However, a surprising and newer finding is that long-term stress is a huge factor, particularly in autoimmune diseases and cancers. There is a positive correlation between being a certain personality (people pleasing, self-denying, well-always-say-yes types) and getting e.g., ALS and some cancers.

    Basically, there's a lot we don't understand about the body's own regulation of cancerous cells, and the subsequent proliferation when that system is disrupted.
    Its hard to discuss this with the proper respect for the suffering of people experiencing it, people bereaved by it and the friends of people suffering from it but I'm inclined to agree and not be surprised by those sorts of findings.

    I do think there are things which are toxic in the environment, depriving yourself of things, such as vitamin D from sunlight, is another factor but I think a toxic lifestyle in the sense of being a chronic people pleaser etc. will no doubt do it too.

    Its left field but theorists like Eric Fromm and the other Bionics theorists, they've all been out of vogue for a long time and some of it as a result of how it was presented reads like so much hocum but they had a good idea when they suggested that psychology and biological life where holistically linked.

    In the movie lost horizon the guy in Shangrila talks about how people living lives of perpetual struggle attempting to please and placate others are committing slow motion suicide. Now he was talking about principles or precepts but I think taking the holistic ideas into account it could trigger physiological slow death too.

    Its a hard thing to accept though because some people who are complete assholes and dont worry about being complete assholes, who've never lost a moments sleep or agonised for a minute about others, and who smoke and drink and bully seem invincible while good people who go all out to help others and take the world on their shoulders possibly refraining from all those things like smoking or drinking alcohol or doing drugs die off.

    Its also hard to accept because its something which is difficult to change or overcome or correct, its not like dieting or exercise or whatever its much harder than that and because its so hard it can be a source of stress all by itself.
    It is a luxury to be understood - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

    A kind thought is the hope of the world - Anon

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    I am afraid that my behavior due to the profound stress I have been through this year has driven away some of the people I care about. It's embarrassing and it hurts, too.

    Ah, well....

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    I had such a wonderful day that I would do anything for it to just not end.

    Anyone else notice that time moves forward when you least want it to?

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    Alcohol is wonderful in moderation.

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    ^ yes, yes it is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic_Tater
    Alcohol is wonderful in moderation.
    Speaking of drinks, I just had some carrot juice for the first time, and oh-my-god-I've-gotta-go-drink-some-more-right-now. I think I'm going to become the rabbit's equivalent of an alcoholic.
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    What the hell? Why is it still alive!?

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    I'm getting sick...I just feel it. My digestive system suddenly became extremely sensitive, super nauseous, painful coughs that are going to end up just being vomit later on. Joy.

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    Contact lens jewelry. Hmmm...interesting.

    Eye jewelry. :eek:

    Eyeball tattoos. :ouch:

    Fascinating really. Would I do it? I'd rather not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moiety View Post
    The imagination as a child stops when you are confronted with reality and the disinterest as an adult starts when you are confronted with reality as well.

    Imagination is boundless, it's abstract, it needs no grounding whatsoever. Imagination conceives of things like perfection, things like meaning. But meaning is in the eye of the beholder. It comes from within. And reality is what lies outside. When you start seeing thins as they are, stripped off of preconception and undistorted by your projections you realize there is no inherent meaning to anything. And maybe your ability to create your meaning, is hindered by the things you go through in life, the inconsistencies.

    I now understand my unwillingness to bend to reality, to contradict it. Reality is void of all the things that really matter in life. The things that really matter in life are all in our head. Friendship, freedom....they are all mindstates.

    I'm reminded of the movie Memento, and why it still remains one of my favorites. "Do you lie to yourself to be happy?". You either choose to see meaning where you please, or you're forced to face the fact that there is no inherent meaning to anything and become hollow. The truth can only set us free of our own delusions. But if we aren't deluded we are little more than robots fighting for things like survival.
    You are speaking from a disconnect from yourself there and I have to disagree.

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