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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    This is an ancient Egyptian amethyst hippopotamus.

    Oh, cool. Didn't know they made amethyst figurines.

    Reminds me of this one:

    It's basically a mascot of the Louvre and they sell copies to tourists. I thought it was unique (and still cherish mine because it is really cute and it took me ages to find the original in that huge museum) until I recently found out there are several big museums sporting very, very similar hippo figurines and all treating them as something very special and dear to their heart.

    There's something about those Egyption hippos ...
    If you google "egyptian hippo statue" you'll find masses of different but similar figures, they must have been quite popular (remind me to ask a friend about this who has done a few semesters of egyptology!). Many of them really gorgeous but your amethyst one sticks out due to the material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    I bet it rains where you are.
    Where I live is semi-arid (~16" of precipitation per year). It's not uncommon for us to have temporary water use restrictions in dry summers; bans on watering lawns and washing cars and the like.

    (Washing cars with soap is already illegal in the first place, so few people wash their cars at home anyway.)

    And yeah, lawns are evil. :P

    The social pressure on homeowners to maintain immaculate grass lawns is ridiculous. There are many places where "turf" grasses (e.g. Kentucky bluegrass) don't grow well without using an inordinate amount of irrigation water. Native shrubs and grasses use much, much less water (e.g. fescue grasses, here).

    According to the article 70% of household water use in California goes toward landscaping. That's just nuts. Take away the use on landscaping and household water use drops down to around the level we're at.
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    Nutella banana milkshakes are how we know god loves us (and doesn't intend for anyone to be a size 0 :3).
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
    you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth
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    HA HA HA! I've done it once again!! I beat my ISTJ friends at monopoly! And now they hate me and say they're never gonna play it with me again.
    They're so upset about it though. They keep saying "I thought you were going to be out for sure!! Why does this ALWAYS happen?! Every single fxcking time! You only had 3 goddamn properties, you had one hotel and EVERYONE KEPT LANDING ON IT!"
    They were so mad, they kept giving me my change in 5s and 1s because they know I hate those. It probably doesn't help that I am totally not modest at all when I'm kicking ass at monopoly

    And I plan on doing it all again tomorrow.
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    This is apparently almost 10 years old. I've always commiserated with leeroy. I probably would have done the same thing. I remember when I played runescape, I use to spend a lot of time prophesying that the world was doomed to be crushed by a giant cow. A new world would form from the raw beef, using a prayer from the bones. Good times.
    Now, therefore, lead on where you would have us go, and we will follow with right goodwill; you shall not find us fail you in so far as our strength holds out, but no man can do more than in him lies, no matter how willing he may be.

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    @Dr Mobius

    That video is classic. I was just quoting it yesterday -- my roommate was barreling through a video game level, totally certain he was going to die.
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    marvel heroes is an amazing game. OMG OMG OMG OMG yay. also daylight is good but i can see how it won't be as big as marvel heroes
    *yodelling* AAAaaaaAAaaiiiiiiayyyyyyyy

    by @agentwashington
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    my phone says that today is saturday lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sultan of Beans View Post
    my phone says that today is saturday lol
    (spoilers for size)
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