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    Is it better to be a troll, or avoid the system altogether?
    Trolling is very different from sarcasm.
    Trolling doesn't care about accuracy.

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    I feel like my default state has become drowsy and dazed. Like a zombie but much less eloquent.
    「 」

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    Why do 8 am classes even exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    They're STARTING to learn that, slowly but surely... Taking their sweet time...
    Now it's time for corporate to get with the program. Fun times for all.
    J. Scott Crothers
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    I've started my quest for a shiny female Greninja.
    God help me.
    people who expect a change
    who can't throw away their humanity
    who stay idle in growth
    who won't dirty their hands
    those are the most terrifying of monsters

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    Steel Reserve is like tequila for really, really poor people.

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    Just watched Fed Up. Amazed at the nutritional ignorance of the average US consumer. And, as always, disgusted by the power the industry has over politics.

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    The laundry room in my apartment complex has a waffle iron in it. I cannot think of a circumstance where this makes sense.
    Friends, waffles, work

    "The problem is, when you depend on a substitute for love, you can never get enough" - Louis Cozolino

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    The laundry room in my apartment complex has a waffle iron in it. I cannot think of a circumstance where this makes sense.
    zombies. also so many times i've been doing laundry and wanted waffles. of course the washer and dryer is in the kitchen is not an issue. and sometimes you just need waffles
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I woke up with the uncomfortable feeling of having lived a lifetime in my dreams to humidity, dust and allergies. While I was working on my assignment, I received a message from a friend telling me that they're bringing another exam closer despite the colossal assignments due around the same time. I just had back-to-back exams so I went grocery shopping only to run into another friend who told me that she had an interview and reminded me that I hadn't even applied yet! I got home and spoke to my roommate and was told that there were two other components I'd completely forgotten about since we're not even marked on them. I was hoping for premature celebrations tonight but I've been spewing out every liquid I drink so that's out the question. I still have a lot of fb messages and emails I haven't responded to and the awful messenger app keeps sending me notifications. At times like this, I find myself seeking solace in forums since no one knows who I am and I'm not obliged to continue a conversation. Arghhh, I really have to get on top of everything again, those exams set me back.

    Thank god for my roommate, her electrolyte supplements and the weekend.
    Night is another candle

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    The sun slapped me today. I was sitting in the train, right next to the window, because I like sitting next to windows, yes, even in airplanes. Then the train left the station, which was nice and dark and gloomy, and rode right into the sunlight. And right then, WHAM, the sun fucking slapped my cheek. I'm usually very tolerant to pain, but that shit hurt like hell! So I turned my face away from the sun and the pain went away, but when I looked outside to see where we were a few minutes later, the sun fucking slapped me again! When I arrived home, my dad asked me why my cheek was so red. I explained to him that it got hit by painful sun rays. Yesterday I experienced something similar. I was helping out in the garden and then the sun came and within ten seconds, I had to flee inside because it hurt my skin and my eyes so bad.

    So fuck you, GP, for only letting me phone you to make an appointment on working days before 9 AM. Now I have to stay inside all weekend. So I can hide from the sun. Like some fucking vampire.
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