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    I need to get Adobe Premiere. I had a most excellent idea for my next avatar.

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    The Culinary Gods are not happy with me today. Sometimes even when you do everything right, things go wrong.
    Friends, waffles, work

    "The problem is, when you depend on a substitute for love, you can never get enough" - Louis Cozolino

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    The Culinary Gods are not happy with me today. Sometimes even when you do everything right, things go wrong.
    RobertCalifornia: TL thinks im black
    RobertCalifornia: shes my homegurl
    Hive: arent you
    SpankyMcfly: wait... you arent?

    thoughtlost: I am not really religious. I just like getting free stuff from churches.

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    I think I might still be madly in love with this personality I find insanely masculine which means he is just SO adorable and I don't know what is wrong with me because usually I'm a total pistol and just don't get stuck but it must be timing or something but whatever it is ... i would like to put in a request to be shot in the face because I have no time for unrequited bullshit and I'm much too tired to go hunting for a replacement, which wouldn't work anyways. it wouldn't work because that is the very reason I'm stuck. fml.
    6w7 Sx/Sp (621 or 612. Same diff :p).

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    Wow, if you type 4311 on a calculator,turn it upside down and read it right to left, it spells Hell, that's creepy as fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsunderes View Post
    Wow, if you type 4311 on a calculator,turn it upside down and read it right to left, it spells Hell, that's creepy as fuck.
    I prefer 5318008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    I prefer 5318008.
    Ah, a man of true taste! I see you prefer numbers divisible by 2?

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    The Sekhmet Hypothesis
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Sekhmet Hypothesis was first published in 1995 by Iain Spence.[1] It suggested a possible link between the emergence of youth culture archetypes in relation to the 11 year solar cycles. The hypothesis was published again in 1997 in Towards 2012 [2] and covered in 1999, in Sleazenation magazine.[3]
    French Hippie - the hypothesis suggests that atavistic youth trends can be viewed as recurring archetypes.


    1 Origins of the hypothesis
    2 Influence on comic book mythology
    3 The four life-scripts
    4 The sequential description of the life scripts
    5 Criticism
    6 References
    7 External links

    Origins of the hypothesis

    The origins of the hypothesis can be traced back to Robert Anton Wilson's book, Prometheus Rising, in which Wilson makes a singular correlation between the archetype of the flower child with the mood of friendly weakness.[4] Spence extended the comment into a study of various youth archetypes and linked in their behaviour to transactional analysis. The idea of linking pop culture to the solar cycles had been influenced from remarks made by Peter J. Carroll, in his book, Psychonaut (1982).[5] Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of the sun.
    Influence on comic book mythology

    The author Grant Morrison later incorporated the idea into his Invisibles series (1994–2000)[6] and his New X-Men series (2001–2004).[7][8][9][10] Morrison has discussed his own views on the hypothesis in his book, Supergods (2011)[11] citing the topic as an influence on his X-Men graphic novel, Riot at Xaviers.[12] The story's lead character, Kid Omega, develops hostile strength tendencies which run out of control with dire consequences for his school.

    Robert Salkowitz discusses the Sekhmet hypothesis in, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, in which he questions Morrison's take on the hypothesis suggesting instead that the Strauss-Howe generational theory may explain deeper moods within pop culture.[13]
    The four life-scripts

    By 2000, Spence had dismissed the solar side of the hypothesis, suggesting it had no scientific basis. He demonstrated how he believed the dates of solar maximum did not correlate with any heightened activity of youth culture.[14] He then simplified the hypothesis as a study of the four life scripts (friendly weakness, hostile weakness, friendly strength and hostile strength) and their possible relationship to cultural youth trends. This scaled down hypothesis suggests that the flower children of the sixties and the mellow side of reggae culture presents a collective mood of 'friendly weakness' while punk culture and certain aspects of rap culture present an archetype of 'hostile weakness'. In the late eighties and nineties, rave culture along with early drum and bass supposedly presents a mood based mainly on 'friendly strength'.[15]

    The life-scripts are generally thought[by whom?] to relate to each other with the following dialogue:

    Friendly Weakness - I'm not okay, you're okay
    Hostile Weakness - I'm not okay, you're not okay
    Friendly Strength - I'm okay, you're okay
    Hostile Strength - I'm okay, you're not okay[16]
    Brooklyn Ravers 2010 - the hypothesis suggests that rave culture presents an archetype based mainly on friendly strength.

    The 'street archetypes' of the hypothesis are compared to the dream symbolism of Ezekiel's quaternity in the Christian Bible.[17] Ezekiel is said to have had a vision of the winged man (angel), the bull, the lion and the eagle. The same quaternity was later incorporated into illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. Spence has corresponded flower power and late reggae culture (Bob Marley, cannabis use, dub, dreadlocks) to the gentle angel; the rebellious mood of early rap and punk culture to the sullen bull and the leonine strength of drum and bass and rave culture to the proud lion.[18]

    Grant Morrison and Iain Spence have split views on the subject of hostile strength played out through youth culture. Morrison suggests that the trend has come and gone with the film The Matrix (1999) along with hostile strength symbolism in the nu metal scene. Spence meanwhile suggests that the trend is yet to materialise as an actual social movement. He has criticised Morrison's reference to The Matrix in relation to the hypothesis suggesting the film is not related to any specific youth trend.[18] Morrison's Invisibles series is thought[by whom?] to have been an influence on the same film.[19]
    The sequential description of the life scripts

    The hypothesis suggests that teenagers recapitulate infancy and childhood through pop culture. This process supposedly leads to the manifestation of social archetypes. Spence proposes that the life scripts evolve in infancy in a set sequence from the state of friendly weakness, an idea already proposed by Thomas Harris in his book, 'I'm Okay, You're Okay' in 1970.[20] The life scripts are thought to evolve in the sequence of friendly weakness (at birth), hostile weakness (infancy), friendly strength and then lastly the commanding behaviour of hostile strength, some time in late childhood. There is however still some argument as to the sequence and timing of the scripts.[21] Unlike Harris, Spence argues that hostile strength does not have to be 'demonised or criminalised' as a mood, claiming that it is only one part of a balanced quaternity of behaviour.[22] Other writers, such as Timothy Leary and Jon Savage have also commented on infantile behaviour in youth trends.[23] Spence also draws on children's fiction to illustrate the 'four timeless scripts' referring for example to the four main characters in the Wind in the Willows and the four children in The Polar Express.[24]

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    I had a really nice time tonight with my ex's new wife. He didn't like that at all! She's such a sweet lady.

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    I am soooooo excited. My written curriculum has a good chance to get nationally certified. And then I might get money for further education. I am so close to getting "launched". I am finally putting my wasted mental energy to something useful.

    Even with my probable average IQ, I have a chance of making something of myself. Haha.

    Finally, getting out of a long-term rut.

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