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    Usual suspects, still talking BS. I'm amazed after some months not posting here, I return to find that some members are still posting the exact same crap or having the same arguments with the same people.

    How ironic that forum for personality development becomes a zoo of pathologies.

    Is it harsh to launch a caustic attack on someone who is being "harmless", but ridiculous, deluded and unhealthy, for hours on end, every day of their life, for entire years?

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    Need more strength.
    It is a luxury to be understood - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

    A kind thought is the hope of the world - Anon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
    I probably should change my dating profile headline from "This is a Headline" to something a little more charming. Let's see. . . . "My heart is as cold and desolate as the moon." "I probably don't like you." Or, "Are you a fan of cucumbers? Then come on down to my garden of delights, where euphemisms for sex organs grow in abundance (and in more ways than one)."
    I like the last one.

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    I'm gonna cut back on my forum heckling.

    But only for a few minutes.

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    Ewww is the new sexy

    Hi! Ask me things, maybe I'll answer them! Just click here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
    I probably should change my dating profile headline from "This is a Headline" to something a little more charming. [...] "I probably don't like you."
    Spot on for "charming"

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    "Have you ever had a conversation where you weren't at some stage trying to be funny? I mean, that's basically a court appearance. Every single human interaction is based on humour.


    I think every conversation is [humourous] because it's the most fun way to interact with other people. As soon as I get that kind of locked-eye stare where people go 'I'm going to tell you something serious now,' I know I'm in for a bad time. I know they're going to tell me something about how life's terrible...

    Being serious is a last resort. That's when someone's dying or, you know, you need to get tax advice. That's when you go to seriousness. Anything else you try to make things as bearable as possible. I think it was maybe Paul Thomas Anderson saying, 'You're at a funeral and you find yourself getting annoyed that you can't get parking.' And it's funny because you're in this sort of serious situation and 'Can I get parking? Where am I going to park? I'm going to have to walk, and it's raining.' Someone died. Someone's dead here and you're worried you're maybe going to get wet on the way to the thing."

    "What about in a relationship? What about that moment where your paramour says 'I'm being serious, I feel really hurt.' Do you then--?"

    "That's the best moment to undercut it. Normally I'd just do political stuff for five minutes, or whatever, or observations. I don't think there's any inappropriate time for it really because this is really enjoyable. If you're always with someone you don't enjoy being around you can't be humourous."

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    Having no life-long friends, or no one I would consider a friend is starting to creep up on me. If I were to get married today, then who would be my best man? I hope the lady I'm marrying won't be concerned that I pick some random person, because I would rather do that than ask one of these backstabbing idiots.

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    I just realized I sent an email with the greeting, "Hell May 2013 students" instead of "Hello May 2013 students"
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    I almost forgot how awesome The Office used to be.

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