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    Default Antitype Products

    This is Mrs. Antitype. Don't worry about her name. She doesn't hate MBTI or anything - on the contrary. She gets along with every type.
    She sells products which counteracts some of the type's properties. Be careful: they are strong and have some side effects. Nevertheless, they can give you an enriching experience.

    May I present you...

    (1) Big Frames for Sensors. They help you to see the big picture and even give some glimpses into the future. You lose sight of the details and the present, though, which can induce some dizzyness.

    (2) Detail Glasses for Intuitors. When you put them on, you see every detail and every difference. You'll lose the connections, similarities and possibilities you're used to see.

    (3) Alarm clock and agenda for Perceivers. Great if you want to plan something - disastrous if you want to deviate from your plan, as they make you follow the plan exactly.

    (4) Random event generator and stress relief for Judgers. When thrown, these dice will put you in an unexpected situation. They are made of rubber and you can use them as stress relief when you need to improvise.

    (5) Mirror and headphones for Extraverts. The headphones help you to isolate yourself from the outer world. The mirror helps to direct your naturally extraverted gaze into yourself, making introspection possible.

    (6) Helmet for Introverts. Protects you from the outer world. As you feel safe, you're be able to connect and interact without any problems.

    (7) Fuzzy Logic handbook for Thinkers. Also known under the former title "Emotion-based decisions", but that didn't sell well as most Thinkers thought they didn't need it.

    (8) Logic handbook for Feelers. For some reason, the Feelers don't seem have a problem with this title.

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    not bad
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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