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Thread: Why Do Girls Leave Their Hair Around Like Wild Animals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    I thought women marked their territory with little bottles of makeup and perfume and intentionally left behind clothing objects.

    I went to my friend's house a while back and there was a dainty little watch and ring left on his bathroom counter. How could a woman unknowingly leave such things behind?
    Ah yes. . . girls and their colonizing.

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    I grow my hair out and donate it every 2 years or so. It can be ridiculous when it gets closer to snippin' time the amount of hair I have to pick up after. When I brush my hair, I pull on teh edges and throw away the pieces that fall out, and clean out my brush afterwards, AND i also do that whole "stick it up on the wall and swish it" thing because it's more efficient than buying draino and plumbers.. Being extremely careful about not forgetting it at the end of the shower.. but it's impossible to keep it all kept up. If someone can't handle a piece of hair, they probably aren't in my house anyways.
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    now i notice hair too...

    crap... girls turn me into girl - like creature... danggit!

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