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View Poll Results: Do you read the instruction manual before playing the game?

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  • Yes, I always read the manual before I play.

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  • No, I either read it after playing for awhile, or don't at all.

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Thread: Did you read the instruction manual to that game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Costrin View Post
    Normally I jump into a game, then read the manual if needed. It usually makes more sense if I've actually experienced the game a bit before reading it.
    This. Sometimes I may never read the manual, but in a game like Civ4, eventually, I'm at the very least referencing the manual. And, if I have a new game but no opportunity to play it, I might skim through out of curiosity and anticipation.

    For the most part, though, I like to learn by tinkering! Manuals are boring. Just the word "Manual" gives me hives.

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    Instructions to a game? I don't even read the instructions to tvs or other electrics.
    One day I'll destroy something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Did anybody? Haha, no matter how far you were, there was still more.

    I posted the map above my television for quick reference, and I'd mark points of interest. Oh're gonna make me play again...
    I had a look at the cd's just a moment ago. I might install it for fun as well. Even though I know I'll get bored pretty fast. :P

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    I used to read the manual before playing when I was little (up to about age 15), but now I don't bother because it's rare that a game does anything surprising enough to warrant reading another manual. If I do encounter anything odd, I check it though.

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    I could imagine having to read the instructions to these newer games like Morrowind because of all the info about stats you need to understand. The most recent modern game I played was Everquest which I quit like 5 years ago and you couldn't really use the instruction manual because there were so many patches many of the rules didn't apply anymore by the time you read it. I only play old ones on emulators anymore. You damn kids get off my lawn and turn down that loud music.

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