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    @Enthusiastic_Dreamer this is a great song for combining running + mind sex


    @JAVO I know this is really diff from what we normally do, but it’s sweeping in scope and drama and Phantogramish elements…so gonna let you taste it



    @geedoenfj @Xann @ZNP-TBA


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    A song and pic of some local Osprey's

    Song cuz you are the MAN who will get into grad school!

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    @EJCC and @miss fortune A & B parts respectively :P

    @meowington (for music concept of vid not song…)


    @Eskimo Cuz I know we both feel this sometimes…

    @Yamato Nadeshiko

    @Blackout Picked this song cuz I think it’s a neat example of how to vocally combine an ‘easy breezy’ sound with angst

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    @Poki cuz you are such a great Dad and this is a Dad to his Daughter


    Heard this song and it made me think of the conversation we had that one day about our people…


    She’s no Lana But, I feel like Paloma and Lana are musically ’cousins’ of a sort…




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    Made me think of ya even tho I don't think this is your style



    @iwakar for the romantic in you

    per our 'convo'

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    ~Live and learn from fools and from sages~

    Shameless Self-Promotion:MDP2525's Den and the Start of Motorcycle Maintenance
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    @MDP2525 I had not heard that song for a long time and really enjoyed the vid. He is a true artist Thank you!

    @RedAmazoneFriendZone Really cool feel. Love the contrast between the sweet female sound and the deeper melancholy of the male. Thanks!

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    (or is it Fi? )

    Oh for god sakes, I suppose my voice does sound like his a bit depending on how I sing; though I am still not sure if it's "vowels" or the "syllables" which directly effect how at least to a degree how it sounds, the "timbre" etc.

    Though, I am still pretty sure it's the mic, I have recorded myself on more proper sounding equipment and I sounded different. Oh, and think "Rage against the Machine" would that be so typically beholden to angst? lol.

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    Oh btw, is the whole "lazy eye" thing based on something? I'm from a small town and I've noticed people in cities think it's really weird to look at other people at all and they freak out and I find it really peculiar actually.

    I don't know, I think I may have a bit of a weird reputation because of that, and also because I'm clearly not a pompous rich person or a swanky Vancouverite (since it's so very conformist and intolerant here) so people here, I vast majority of people here are quick to judge me I've noticed. There are some really pompous people here and sometimes just randomly on the street people will come up or make weird faces at me or give me dirty looks (but go out of the way to make sure I notice and am aware of it) merely because of the way I dress. I dress by all accounts pretty normally but by Vancouver standards I most look like a slovenly hobo.

    Like the other day I was downtown and I looked in the direction of some skimpy dressed woman (but there was people everywhere) and her and her boyfriend got mad and gave me a dirty look and even look really weirded out like "OMFG, THAT PERSON LOOKED AT ME!!!!" but it's only because the whole area was filled in every corner with a body. She also had weird shoes on though, I think I noticed her weird shoes for a second, weird fashion avant garde "slutty" is in vogue now I guess.

    Oh and I keep getting weird looks because of my new hairstyle too, I don't know why. It's pretty much just a typical "I'm letting my hair grow longer a bit" but the bangs sort of go in my face and I leave them like that or I guess I do like to hide behind them a bit, but I've been getting lots of dirty or strange looks lately because of it, mostly from men. I guess like the new mandate fashion style for men is default slicked back hairstyle with shaved sides thing, (or the weird pony tail thing) which I would never have now because everyone has it. I really don't get the whole popular faux-hipster trendy look thing here lol. Which just goes to show how far on the right (or neo-liberal) it is here, because like it's only acceptable to be a white collar office drone or something.

    I must stand out to people though, I get stared at all the time I don't know why. Anyway, it's totally like a 1% town.

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah ponytail, appropriation of a culture I don't understand at all

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