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    This isn't funny at all. But I figuered it is still a limerick (two verses). Let's see what people come up with. This should be easy to top.

    The Quadratic Formula (Numerically Accurate Version)

    A (X squared) minus BX plus C.
    The roots can be found for a fee.
    (B over A) times F,
    and C over (B times F),
    are what you need, you see!

    Q is AC over the square of B.
    One minus 4Q is D.
    Root D times one-half
    is F minus a half.
    So, now pay me my fee!

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    That IS funny, but WOW. Nerd.

    There once was a man from Perth,
    Who was born on the day of his birth
    He was married, they say, on his wife's wedding day
    And he died when he quitted the earth.

    (or the last line is "and died on his last day on earth")

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