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Thread: Fashion (Queens/Kings enter here)

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    I'm a huge fan of the Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier dresses, shirts, and shoes. I like how they fit. I also have a backpack and a gym bag. I love my Betseyville Purse and makeup bags too.
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    I dunno if I'd ever have the nerve to rock 'em, but these are wild in a cool *ss way!

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    Dior Homme is my favorite designer wear. Spring and summer 09 was probably not the most fashion forward collection, but I chose it because it best represents my style.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Dior Homme SS 09[/YOUTUBE]
    That was quiet possibly the worst male fashion line I have ever seen in my life. And, he isn't even here for me to tell him so.

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    Some shoes.

    Of course I love these.

    These are cool, I'd wear them.

    Cool clothing styles.

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    I most frequently wear Polo.

    I also love to wear Brooks brothers.

    I hope to one day be able to afford some Turnbull & Asser shirts.

    Some of my favorite people wear their stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    I dunno if I'd ever have the nerve to rock 'em, but these are wild in a cool *ss way!

    oooh i looove these!!
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    Interesting, but I dunno if I can get down with that tensile ribbon?

    "There is no god; there is only us. Savage and fragile."

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    jock is shopping for a super sexy motorcycle and
    i'm contributing by getting a balenciaga
    city motorcycle bag.

    this is my second one actually, because those fucking
    tassels always break.

    looking forward to dress @JocktheMotie up. i've been
    looking for his and hers boots. hahahaha.

    and my sister just got back from nyc and i got great
    goodies :>

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