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Okay, why am I not surprised that there is a large portion of the forum who loves cold, rainy, stormy, snowy, weather?

I love thunderstorms too. But more when I have the luxury of being indoors to enjoy them or maybe dance around in the rain. Otherwise, major commuting/fashion buzzkill. And I can appreciate the changing seasons and the beauty in each extreme of weather but for living? Sunny, mild, moderate, breezy, cheerful clouds, a tad bit humid or dry. Maybe a sprinkling of rainy days that are perfect for curling up on the couch and being lazy.
Well, one thing I like about seasons is simply that after 2 months of winter you really feel the spring coming, whereas if it's just always nice you don't feel the difference. Of course here in northern italy winter isn't really severe, the temperature hovers between 30 and 45, very rarely below 30...