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Thread: Proof women are evil...

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    Burn the witches!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    lol. Now there's a classic joke.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shimpei View Post
    If women are evil, why do you want a woman (or worse, more than one!) for yourself?
    Hey, Balance must be maintained.

    My only problem is the truth of the following quote:
    "Evil will always win, because good is dumb" - Dark Helmet
    "People in glass houses shouldn't use Windex when living near bird sanctuaries."- myself

    "We are never alone my friend. We are constantly in the company of victories, losses, strengths and weaknesses. Make no mistake, life is war...and war is hell. Those who fight the hardest will suffer the most...but that's what you have to do: Fight. As long as you're feeling pain, then there's hope...because only the dead do not suffer." -RD Metcalf

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