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Thread: The Madmin's stole our blue.

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    I say, just let everyone pick whatever color they want!

    Though more seriously, now that the number of admins is getting so large, and people have clearly shown that they don't even know who is a mod, this coloring code is probably a good idea.
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    I know a mod when I see one.
    There's no mistaking that smell.
    we fukin won boys

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    I'm thinking red for the moderators. And if this means banning them all, so be it. You can't make a delicious omelette without crackin' some skulls around. Or however the hell it goes.

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    Red would be a better color for mods. It's a color that gets attention and strikes fear into the hearts of posters everywhere. (Yeah that's the ticket.)

    Blue is the color of winners, and that's why it belongs to the blue team. That even counts game-show-like situations where the final round is worth so many points that it makes all previous rounds completely inconsequential.
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