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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    Changed my avatar, again. I don't think it can be psychoanalyzed, can it?
    Looks quite pretentious to me.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Yeah, you're right. Fun avatars were my signature avatars, so I changed it. Again.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
    - George W. Bush -

    SCUAI - 7w8 sx/sp - Chaotic Evil - Fucking Cute - ALIVE

    Blog. Read it, bitches.
    Questions? Click here
    If you don't agree about my MBTI type, you can complain about it here. I've had plenty of people telling me I'm something else, in my reputation box. That's annoying.

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    The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together. ~ rCoxI ~ INfj ~ 5w6 so/sp

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    SLE Ti


    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Thats funny since yours is the one with all the fans.
    Yeah, but shady in a sensual way

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    Senior Member Phoenix_400's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by tawanda View Post
    Your avatar gives me the feeling that you're a shady person.

    Oh OH, me next!
    Actually, ThatGirl's avatar makes me think she's a hairdresser with an appetite for destruction. If you ever stood her up at the altar, she would blow up your hotel, come after you with a flame thrower, and attempt to gun down you and your brother with an M16...but she's got a soft heart and would take you back if you removed your sunglasses and stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

    She also moonlights as the leader of the Rebel Alliance and likes dating scruffy lookin' nerf herders.

    I really need to talk to Jake about his taste in women. The Curl Up & Dye Beauty Salon? That shoulda been a clue right there.

    "People in glass houses shouldn't use Windex when living near bird sanctuaries."- myself

    "We are never alone my friend. We are constantly in the company of victories, losses, strengths and weaknesses. Make no mistake, life is war...and war is hell. Those who fight the hardest will suffer the most...but that's what you have to do: Fight. As long as you're feeling pain, then there's hope...because only the dead do not suffer." -RD Metcalf

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    Quote Originally Posted by infjwatching View Post
    You're a romantic lone hero frighting against a dark and twisted world, your deep faith in God keeps you going. Too bad there is no beauty for you to rescue.
    Gee thanks!

    You're a sleeping beauty from the days when women had proper figures, no one wake the red head, they are firey sorts!
    It is a luxury to be understood - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

    A kind thought is the hope of the world - Anon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    You are the antihero. But in the avatar as on the forum in some sense!
    I'm an anti-hero?! I'm shocked!
    It is a luxury to be understood - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

    A kind thought is the hope of the world - Anon

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    HIT. ME!

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    I really wanted to go back to the old Amelie avy but have been there, done that. Also, I'm high as a kite.

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    I would read over all the posts, but 300 hundred pages is a bit much... do I even have to ask what my avitar tells about me? If I had joined the thread earlier I'm sure I would've found it more interesting.

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