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    Default Halloween parties

    anyone invited to a halloween party? or hosting one?

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    I'm going to one should be fun to dress up all scary like

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    I will too, thanks to you folks, we have halloween now aswell.

    I will put some paint on for the face, paint some flowers on it or so and I bet by the time of 12 o'clock, I am so drunken that it will look really scary.

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    I'm trying to balance it all out because I have too many plans! Lol. No one's schedule is cooperating with each other... so we might end up with two parties just to make sure everyone gets to be with each other Lol. I'm also volunteering in another town in Central Texas running a small kids haunted house thing.
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    Volunteering at texas aye... I'm actually in Australia but we still love it here.

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    I teach kids english and I'll be having halloween party for the last week of October. Plan to do the back garden/pathway into a cemetery, skeletons and all. The students love it!

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