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Thread: How do you become informed and knowledgable?

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    I read about things on the internet. Every once in a while I read a book, and think "Man, these things are great!"

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    Watch soap operas. Not really.


    The newspaper and Time magazine (sometimes)

    It's Mizzz ST, thank you...

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    * emails
    *check a newpaper (I rotate which one each day, I have a variety of sources from a variety of countries)
    *I go to public lectures (went to one on brain imaging, a lecture by stephen lewis who is huge in trying to end world poverty, etc.)
    *I makes notes to research something further that I learned about in school or that was mentioned in passing in a lecture
    *most importantly: I ask a lot of questions to anyone and everyone.
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    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    fox news, the drudge report, and people magazine
    I was going to make fun of People magazine... until I realized that it represents better journalism than the other two.

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    I have the radio on a lot, read most of my news online where I can research if I want to, ask people questions, read my forums to hear about the things people are thinking about.

    The best way I learn is to pay attention to everything around me.

    And I combine what I've learned from books with the experiences I've had. Doesn't everyone? If not they wouldn't be very well-rounded, I'd think.

    I had a cousin who was a genius. He was teaching physics at the U of M by the time he was twenty-one. But I never thought of him as intelligent. Smart, yes. But nearly impossible to have a conversation with and a failure, from my perspective, in his social relationships. I think he was satisfied. Couldn't tell.
    "No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

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    Look at things you have an instinctive prejudice against. Then decide why you feel they are spouting propaganda or whether they are telling you something that your propaganda didn't want you to know. Watch Al-Jazeera web news. Read conspiracy theories and then work out in your own mind how likely they are and if they are likely, why would anybody be doing them? Maybe somebody unearthed correct hidden facts but drew the wrong conclusions according to their prejudice? Maybe the Bilderberger and G8 really do decide world issues. Is that for their own comic-book reasons of power for its own sake (or for some even more shadowy group's power) or because our world naturally puts people with their ideas in power and they equally naturally plan for the kind of world that they think allows the best opportunity for others to be like them? Read good political science-fiction where ideas can be transported to new worlds where they can be investigated; Ursula le Guin, Ken MacLeod, Kim Stanley Robinson, all social commentators using imaginary worlds to show ideas of this world up like the Master Dean Jonathon Swift. Even read Terry Pratchett because his spoof on fantasy parodies the world we know all too well. Follow the most bigotted ignorant sources and decide why you find them bigotted and ignorant. Could you defeat them in argument? If they are bigoted enough the answer is No. So learn when reasno becomes futile.

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    through people. i learn the most when i'm actually in a social group either listening to what they have to say or discussing my ideas with them. this is the same from day to day news to my education. i never feel like i really dissected the information until i have someone to talk to about it. there are obvious exceptions of course, such as brainstorming but i never feel like i get as much depth as i do compared to talking about it with someone else. i can still go into depth by my own, but i need someone to interact with to unlock my potential.

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    I go to Oxford once a year and suck the brains out of the ears of the tastiest looking students.

    Ti Ne Fi Ni

    -How beautiful, this pale Endymion hour.
    -What are you talking about?
    -Endymion, my dear. A beautiful youth possessed by the moon.
    -Well, forget about him and get to bed.
    -Yes, my dear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    What is the main source of where you get your information and knowledge? Do you read news articles, books, discuss subjects with others? What is the best way for you to learn?
    Read, talk, but most importantly - experience it firsthand to learn it best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colmena View Post
    I go to Oxford once a year and suck the brains out of the ears of the tastiest looking students.
    How exquisitely disciplined of you to limit yourself to once a year.

    And it's true, I have noticed, once every year, a beautiful student wondering around, brainless.

    At first I thought this was their natural state. After all, no one expects the beautiful to be intelligent as well - it really would be gilding the lily. But it turns out I was wrong, and rather it is the result of an encounter with Colmena.

    I have thought of putting up warning signs - warning the beautiful of the danger they face. But then I thought of Colmena - coming here once a year, casting his eye around for the tastiest student, and to all appearances, whispering in their ear but in fact sucking out their brains as you suck the marrow out of a bone.

    The whole thing seems so impossibly delicious that I am in danger of losing my sense of propriety. But I confess I too am attracted to beautiful students, and I even go so far as to whisper sweet nothings in their ear. But I go so far and no further. I leave the rest to Colmena.

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