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Thread: How old were you when you learned how to drive?

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    I was 17 when I got my license. But I only did some amount of driving that week (of driver's ed. "Behind-the-wheel")

    I did no driving after that till I was 20. Which is when I actually gained confidence in my driving abilities on a cross-country trip from Virginia to California.

    You could say I really learned to drive when I was 20.

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    I'm 23 and quite looked down upon because "everyone else is doing is doing it so why can't you?" I have recently been attempting to learn but have some major issues not with the actual driving but with all the other drivers/onlookers So if you're having problems too I'm here to make you feel better also (yay)
    Damn I hate driving so much! I hate our old cars - The Hilman Supermix - actually I like their look but hate how they love to putt out when it's cold or at a round-a-bout even with a good driver.

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    I learned over several parking lot lessons at 14, got my permit at 15, and then got my license when I was about 16 and a half. I did a lot of driving in between, though all with a parent in the car with me. The only reason I got the license then was that my mom had to spend some time in the hospital (she was pregnant with my youngest sister and developed preeclampsia) so my parents needed me to schlep my little brother and sister around. My older brother had already married and moved out by then.
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    I learnt driving almost as soon as I turned 18, which is the minimum age for getting a learners permit. It took me more than 8 months to actually get comfortable behind the wheel, although I got my license way before that.

    The driving license test was a total joke, I just had to start the car and drive it in a circle around an empty field to get it.

    Where I live, the roads are actually crazy. Crazy with a capital C.

    On an average day, I'll be dodging motorcycles and two-wheelers which are rushing up at me from the wrong lane, cyclists who happily ride in the middle of the road, trucks and buses who don't seem to notice you until they're running you over, impatient cars, cows who lumber around and decide to sit in the middle of the highway, pedestrians who suddenly dart in between, and your average bullock cart which comes trundling up next to you. Add a couple of lost, bleating goats, and you have a typical driving day.

    It's extraordinarily frustrating. :steam:

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    I'll let you know when I finally find out myself.
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    I am still learning Have not mastered it at all yet. You can mark me as a thread to public traffic
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    28. I only started having lessons because my husband (then-boyfriend) bought some for my birthday. I don't drink and he felt it was a real waste that I couldn't drive!
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    16, got license at 17. Spent an entire summer vacation taking driving lessons at a driving school, driving about 1 hour a day, 4 days a week (back when gas was cheaper), and practicing in the evening with my mom or dad's car in empty parking lots. Passed the road test on my first try.
    I didn't even need a car back then, and I still don't. I live in a major metropolitan city and take the subway/bus everywhere. I like being able to walk everywhere, too.

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    I learned to drive through driver's ed in high school when I was 17. I am now 20, I have my driver's license, but I do not drive. I believe this is somehow related to my fear of losing control or deviating from a plan. I've been diagnosed as agoraphobic, if that means anything.

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    I do not want to drive, but my mom has informed me that I must learn this summer. I'm 16, almost 17, so it won't be that late... but if I could, I'd just not drive, but live in a city with decent public transportation. I think that the nearest bus stop to my house is about three miles away... So I've never even ridden on one, given that they come rarely and never on time anyway. Well, not on our local buses. Whenever we go on a vacation I use the public transportation there as much as possible... I mildly car sick with great frequency (but never bus sick), so it's really nice to be able to avoid cars when we travel.
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