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Thread: How many of you don't celebrate you birthdays?

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    The only successful birthday I've ever had was when I was turning 6. I remember in middle school and high school, I would get so excited because my birthday was coming around and I'd invite all my "friends" and get stuff set up for the party and all. But for six years straight, I only had one person show up or nobody show up at all to my birthday.

    But that sure as heck hasn't stopped me from hoping that one day I will have a brilliant birthday party. I like my birthday, it's a day to celebrate and for me to feel appreciated- well, when people actually show up or care that is .
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    Quote Originally Posted by durentu View Post
    Honestly, for every holiday and special day, I want to sleep in, have jungle sex, eat a nice meal, read a book and be left alone.
    That sounds pretty perfect.

    Edit: When I was a kid, my grandma and her sister would bicker so badly that they ruined birthdays and it got so that mom would do a separate celebration for friends than the one for family.

    On my twenty-first birthday, most of my friends had gone off to college so I celebrated just with family, but I dictated all the details so there wouldn't be anything to fight about. It went pretty well.
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    I stopped celebrating my b-day after I turned 17. Figured if I don't acknowledge it, I won't get any older.

    Managed to stay 17 for almost 10 years, then my friends finally found out when my b-day is last year and decided to have a party for me.

    Bastard friends ruined my immortality. Now I'm aging again. :steam:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I don't celebrate my birthdays since I was 9.

    If you do, why do like your birthdays?
    If you don't like your birthdays why don't you like your birthdays?
    I don't celebrate my birthday, but [at the risk of being a tad pedantic here] it isn't because I ''dislike'' my birthday, as the questions may sort of allude to. I'm rather ambivalent about my birthday, which is why I see no particular cause for celebration.
    Of course, that said, I don't object when others approach me, saying happy birthday, or offer me gifts.. I mean I tell them it's unnecessary, but I do make sure to show appreciation for having thought of me, as, most people do tend to celebrate their birthday and may have a few customary expectations of those close to them at the time.

    On a similar note, I've noticed an array of people within a wide range of ages partake in celebratory observance of their birthdays, despite the fact that they don't seem to ''like'' their birthdays at all.. they dread their coming/passage, fretting and lamenting the entire day, for varying reasons, ultimately dissolving into a puddle of tears around their cake.

    ..I do like cake, though.
    But not frosting..
    This is probably irrelevant.
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    I don't celebrate my birthday, and really pretty much prefer it that way. It's a little different in that I'm a twin -- so as much as I'd like to just ignore the whole thing, there's my sister to think of too, and it's more important to her than to me. So I can't blow it off completely. However, I live away from the rest of the family, so I'm seldom obliged to go out and *do* anything on my birthday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    I don't celebrate. Gifts make me uncomfortable
    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    I don't really enjoy or like to celebrate my own birthday. I don't even remember how or if I celebrated my last birthday. I just don't care, I guess. And I'm not really comfortable receiving gifts. I don't like to be put on the spot like that
    I agree with both of these quotes... I don't like getting gifts, or being put on the spot in an arbitrary manner like that. I'm distinctly uncomfortable being singled out, especially in social settings. The best gift for me on my birthday, quite frankly, is a simple "Happy Birthday!" and no other mention of it.

    It's not that I don't like to have fun, just that I prefer getting together with friends and family without any sort of focus on a single individual (especially when that individual is me) or theme.

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    My birthday is a holiday, so I have to celebrate it no matter what.

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    I do not.
    I find it empty.
    People should be celebrated throughout the year, not just out of obligation on a single day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I don't celebrate my birthdays since I was 9.

    If you do, why do like your birthdays?
    If you don't like your birthdays why don't you like your birthdays?
    Why not? I tried to read through the whole thread, but it didn't seem like you posted it anywhere.

    As for me, I like birthdays okay... actually I like them a lot, except that I have trouble remembering them and then feel kind of bad if I miss somebody's... like... I forgot my mom's last year. Did not say a single word to her about it. I think it's nice to celebrate a person, celebrate another year of living and all that that entails. I like cake and I like giving and receiving of thoughtful (or just silly) gifts, but that part isn't really what I love about birthdays.

    In my family we all get together some time near the actual date when everyone's around and have a huge meal and tell funny or embarrassing or just nice stories* about the person. It is a a lot of fun. I love people telling the funny stories about me, and I love making everyone laugh when I tell funny stories too.

    *We also do it when somebody dies too, but obviously the tone is a little bit different, though we still laugh quite a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I don't celebrate my birthdays since I was 9.

    If you do, why do like your birthdays?
    If you don't like your birthdays why don't you like your birthdays?
    I don't like that it reminds me were all going to age someday but then that itself reminds me to celebrate it with everything in me as life is short .

    So I love it... to me it's celebrating life which we should do daily anyway but never hurts to have a specific day.

    What I don't like is when your opening the gifts/reading a card and you feel the stares of anticipation of your reaction. Leaves me feeling awkward or nervous but I can put out the expression for them as it's important to them so. It's also nice to break up the pattern of the usual dry routine. Why I love others birthdays too .

    I think it's the family atmosphere as well, everyone together united for once. It's why I like holidays actually. Other regular times were all in different rooms, not together . Shouldn't we always sit together at the table and be jolly, laughing at certain memories/funny stories and just feeling great together as a family? I love feeling connected with my family, I crave it actually as I loved holidays/birthdays as a kid just cause for once we were together. But beside the point...

    Overall it's awesome... I just birthdays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ayoitsStepho View Post
    The only successful birthday I've ever had was when I was turning 6.
    I know lots of people who haven't had a successful birthday since they turned 29.

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