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    Default Have any of your enemies ever become your friend and if so how and why?

    Just thought that his would be an interesting question.
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    You win at threads.

    Yeah, I had some huge juvenile rivalry with a kid in 2nd grade, but we became best friends in short order. Then he moved away (as every best friend I've ever had has *exaggeration*, God hates me).

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    yep. i hated my best friend (well technically 1 out of 3) back in primary school. he's an ESFP, he was always going against authority, people to make himself look 'cool'. i was a bit of a goodie 2 shoes and i found that shallow. he made fun of me too, and you know us NF's and our morals.

    when we went to high school, i happened to be in his class. man was i sad about that at first. however, we got talking and somehow, we really clicked. it turns out that he's actually really friendly with people that know him well, and we both like having fun and share a similar sense of humor. throughout high school, he was probably the friend that knew me the best. i eventually had to leave for new zealand, he switched schools/countries a bit too. he went to america and i stayed in NZ. because we lived on different sides of the earth, our summer holidays were different. end up not seeing him for 5 years. 2 years ago, he tried his best to fund a trip during christmas (when i had my annual trip to hong kong). it ended up working and we met up. things changed definitely, but some things don't change either. we tried our best to reconnect and i'm glad to say that it worked . we're still great friends now. so, there you go. never say never and keep an open mind.

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    In high-school there was this really annoying ESFP guy who kinda joined my group of friends. I would make fun of him and put him down all the time (if you could hear this kid, you would too) and I even started some thing called Vader Pound (his last name was Vadis, everyone called him Vader) when at 10 to the hour, every hour, we had a minute were everyone could beat on him. This was kind of mean, but he really asked for it.

    He's one of those very endearing ESFP's, so as time went by I started to respect and we grew to be friends. You could count on him to be a good friend and not fuck anyone over even when he has the chance.

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    Oooh good question. I like most people, so haven't had many enemies I'm aware of. My family were discussing people they disliked the other day, and I genuinely couldn't come up with anyone, and they didn't believe me. A couple of my closest friends have told me that they didn't really like me at first. My best friend was in my class throughout school, and we didn't get on at primary school, she was generally pretty harsh towards me until we became friends. We're very different people (ISFJ/ENFP), and now that we're older I think we appreciate our differences, whereas before I guess she just found me weird. Another close friend told me she didn't get my sense of humour at first and found me quite 'in your face' - I was secretly really offended at that comment But then I was round at her house the other day and she found an old diary from school where she'd made a mindmap of all the things she loved about me, so I won her round pretty quickly Oh, and another guy I sensed at first disliked me (I am very good at picking up when someone doesn't really click with me, even if on the surface they appear to) and he subsequently told me originally he was wary of my opinionatedness, but he started to really like me when he realised how many of my opinions corresponded with his (typical proud ENTP!)

    I think if someone appears to dislike me I see it as a challenge. After all, as an ENFP, if someone dislikes me we all know it's a catastrophe and means that I am no longer a valuable person

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