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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    I'm not really sure what you mean by this. Could you clarify? Pretending that everyone has the same perspective is highly illogical.
    This sounded more like a listing thread. I wasn't prepared for clarification.

    It'd make more sense if you were British but it's in reference to every second story being about a minority group. It gets to the point where elections can't be won unless you a part of this minority, you don't understand local culture unless you're part of that minority. They're factioning the people whilst telling everyone that they want integration.
    I think voters should be liable for their inability to think rationally about important issues like elections, national security and foreign policy. Voters tend to accept or reject specific candidates or foreign policies based on the flimsiest reasoning. They willingly suspend their critical faculties because they want to feel " a part of something", and when they change their minds, they don't blame their own faulty reasoning, but whine about politicians misleading them. They'd rather shout slogans and make black-and-white statements rather than studying up on the history of whatever it is they are going on about.

    This is what, in my opinion, is destroying democracy and screwing it to the floor.

    I don't regret voting for Obama because I studied his policy positions and knew what I was getting. People didn't like listening to me bringing up his policy positions at the time; they just preferred to get angry at me whenever I tried that. I think he's done a much better job with things than the last person did; I never for a second believed that he was going to give us all a tax rebate for a million dollars or whatever the hell people thought.
    In no way besmirching your research or reasoning but even if you'd got it 100% right, what do you do if the candidate does a 180 in office?

    If I get crappy goods from a retailer then I have legal recourse if it's bad enough to be not fit for purpose, with a politician (who's entrusted with a hell of a lot more than the quality of my new shoes) I can not vote for them next time. Be still my beating heart. How ever do they sleep at night with that kind of threat.

    Just theorise for a minute that you're in office and you're sufficiently motivated to renege on one of your election promises. Is there anything that a voter could do to sway your decision?
    True, one should never assume that authority figures are right. In practice, though, what this means is that people end up assuming that their peers are right instead. I don't think peers are necessarily any more likely to be right than authority figures.
    Cause when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and mption.

    It's the validation which drives me crazy.
    You have to listen to this guy cause the other guy has "qualified" him in this field.
    Well who qualified him to make comment?
    The other guy did?
    And why the hell is he?
    Well he's the guy who was qualified by the guy that used to do it until he died twenty years ago.
    .... Hang on, half this field didn't exist twenty years ago. How do they know what's qualified?
    Dude, they're qualified. Of course they know or they wouldn't have that qualification.

    It works for harder subjects like science but what about art? Who the hell is a qualified artist? Why is it that half of the qualifications require you to be able to regurgitate but not evaluate for yourself or reason?

    That's brings me nicely to another controversial belief...

    Education is one third useful, one third purely academic and one third circle jerk.

    A license to drive should be a privilege and not a right. The erosion of this sentiment seems to be validated by the increased labour that employers can elicit if everyone drives.

    Philosophy is far more important than religion or history in school. I'd rather kids had the ability to think critically than to be able to recite historical events or know whether a Hindu can eat pork or not. The other two strike me as social learning. I learned more about history from stories than I ever did from dry learning.

    I think the USA should be split. Too many factions and interests. It's like the noisy neighbours with fourteen kids. It'd also be nice so the media didn't address it as one whole because it isn't.
    Just imagine.... Americans would have.... PASSPORTS!
    Oh boy would they get more butt hurt by the new anti terrorism laws.... Both literally and figuratively, thinking about it.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21% View Post
    I believe in 'energies' -- the power of thoughts, the invisible intangible connections between humans (and animals)
    I also believe in something like this.

    I also believe in psychics—good psychics. I see one once a year, and every time she has predicted some absurdly specific events that have unfolded the following year. It's not a belief I examine too closely or have endeavoured to test. I really just go along for the enjoyment and to make a fun start to the year, but when I listen to the recordings at the end of the year, the accuracy of the specifics are pretty spooky. I suppose as a result, I also have a loose belief in fate—not as a greater power having a masterplan of the course of events, but more as earlier events or states having far reaching or indirect influence on others, which can perhaps be picked up as "energies" by someone highly attuned to them.

    My beliefs in these things are not firm, and I'm not sure how "controversial" they are either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    I don't think authority figures are right and I never assume they are.

    I think being pc is patronising and harmful.

    I think that addressing minorities every day ignores the majority and screws democracy to the floor.

    I think politicians should be liable for their promises.

    I think that a death sentence should be quick and soon after the judgement. A simple bullet to the head and none if this pomp and ceremony.

    Too much is wasted on the top 2% whether it be money, fame or simply time. They don't have that much reach unless we give it to them.

    I have disdain for all fashion labels except the most subtle of one's. I don't give two shits what your name is, if you want me to be a walking billboard then you pay me not vice versa.
    Yes yes yes yes yes! Omgod yes!

    Let me add to it:

    - minorities are cute (are useful) in small numbers. But once they become big enough if/when they seek political power it becomes a struggle for the whole country.

    - minorities who are seeking political power cares more for their own group than that of the benefit of the country, whereas the majority are more concerned about the overall development of the country. Basically minorities who try to politically organize are almost always selfish.

    - countries that have minorities of less than 5% or minorities (however big they are) who try to integrate are much better off than countries which are the opposite, no matter how secular and good their human right are. (Think japan and perhaps even germany vs a country like England.)

    - forced integration isn't always a bad idea.

    - one should respect or adhere or not try to change the local culture of a country. If you don't like it, it's okay. If you want to change it and overpower it with your own culture perhaps you should go back to where you came from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I believe that about 90% of "autistic" people have nothing wrong with them except for their parents (or they're using it as an excuse for their own problems)... I don't think that it's a made up disorder, I just think that it's way overdiagnosed (especially self diagnosis)

    a few deep seated animistic beliefs that I can't shake, despite being logically certain that religion is just a manufactured method of social control

    milk is bad for people... and super gross as well
    I think that most disorders are only because they don't fit nicely into our standard society. Like we have taken the average and deemed that normal. Everything else is a disorder.

    A lot of religion and church is. Doesn't mean it doesn't have its good aspects, its just that you actually have to use your own judgement to be able to differentiate when and where it controls and to a negative stance. Its not something you can follow blindly though due to how much "man" is involved into it. "Man" has a way of twisting things to support self no matter how good a person is. Some do it more then others, but we all do it and most don't realize it.
    Im out, its been fun

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    I think that most people get too emotionally invested in things needlessly.

    I think that holding long term grudges against a person is unnecessary most of the time, maybe 80%ish.

    I think that if someone claims that video games made them commit some horrible crime, there was already something wrong with them deep inside which was bound to manifest themselves in some way anyway. Maybe not in a way as drastic, but you can only keep thinks supressed for so long.

    I think that the deaf community should be forced to give all children cochlear implants, deafness is not a culture it is a disability. Ok maybe it is a culture, but it seems like it would be a very restricted one. Adults can do whatever they want to themselve, children no.

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    Sushi is gross.
    Likes Ivy, N/A liked this post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellenbach View Post
    Politicians should be strapped to a lie detector machine during debates and electroshocked if they lie.
    Sounds fun! While we're at it, we'll re-title all political debates to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passacaglia View Post
    Sounds fun! While we're at it, we'll re-title all political debates to...

    Everyone should have to be routinely electroshocked in order to keep people docile and in check. If you fry their brains, but do it under the guise of say a hair appointment or a medical evaluation, you can keep people from realizing that we are all just one big second hand rushing towards midnight.

    Anyways another one, board games like Sorry and Life are just stupid

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    Tumblr is not an accepting environment, despite the fact that everyone there claims it is.
    Yet I know, if I stepped aside
    Released the controls, you would open my eyes
    That somehow, all of this mess
    Is just my attempt to know the worth of my life

    Mercury - Sleeping At Last

    3w2 // 6w7 // 9w1

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    Old people are disturbing

    I never thought flowers were that pretty, kinda boring

    I think that the universe corresponds with people, subtly but its there

    Brushing your hair is stupid, I wish I never had to.

    If wishes were horses beggers would wish they could ride

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