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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    why not just decide who has the most valuable skillset for survival and then rank people that way as to who should be eaten last and who first?

    meaning don't eat @JAVO any time soon

    and it's time to eat the creative writing majors first
    I concur.

    Creative writing majors are quite the delicacy, I hear. Polar bears are especially fond of chilled, frosted ones.

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    Whoever runs away from me the slowest.

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    The hottest one of 'em all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimo2 View Post
    You sure would be full. You know that I have to outdo you now...

    Hunting for my breakfast along the @riva, squinting in the night while dodging a variety of leafy overgrown plants while not being @reckless at all, I hear a sound... Up ahead! What is it, a sort of squaking noise? As I get closer I am able to recognize that it is in fact a @Vulcan! Exhuberent I decide that I must find a way to catch this vulcan, to satify my ravenous appetite. @Chanaynaying on over to a tree nearby, I climb up it. Guided by the @Starry sky, I spot a @highlander in the distance. (Which was a bit more difficult because of the @Coriolis effect)
    Right where there was a huge @Starcrash! Being the kind, merciful, gracious highlander that he is, he helps me capture the vulcan. That is breakfast.

    As the light of the day comes, I venture further down onto the beach. As I get closer to the @Opal water, I spot what appears to be a friendly octopus. Speaking the the octopus, as I have gotten lonely and unfortunately am not a package deliverer and I am just such a huge @DreamBeliever-but now I'm intentionally @Rambling, I share all of my deepest darkest secrets including my hidden desperation for food. The octopus seems very sincere in her desire to help me, and informs me that there Is a @Legion of @prplchknz down along the path.

    I start walking and I hear a squalling! It is the prplchknz! I try to get close to one, but it ellusively flocks away. Finding an @OrangeAppled on the ground, I suit myself and fashion the core into a shank. I attack the prplchknz, while regretfully noticing @themightyfetuses that are obviously its chicks around it(It can't be helped) and come out the victor. I allow the chicks to live, because I am not a monster and leave. Discovering that I need to cook the meat, as it is sort of @Hard, I quickly set a pot(please don't ask how I got it, I am obviously a pot maker) over the @azulflame. The stew bubbling, I add in a few @JAVO beans, and a couple of @chickpeas that I just happened to have in my pocket. I eat the entire thing, like the @chubber that I am. @whatever it isn't as if I hadn't forcibly dieted enough on the island.

    But I have been betrayed. It turns out the the octopus what not so friendly afterall! It was in fact a @BadOctopus! The prplchknz were diseased, and now I have a @Cygnus! Praying to the @Sultan of Beans that this is not to be my @Destiny, for I had always dreamed of living long enough to grow a @grey_beard, I slowly lie down on the soft(not at all @Poki) @Ivy and @Blue, @BluRoses. If I am to die, at least I can do it in @PeaceBaby.

    The night becomes @Frosty, and rain @sprinkles. I hear @five sounds echo, and realize that I am on the brink of death.

    In the morning, a ship happens upon me. Inside is @Jennifer the @Jaguar hunter! She finds me, @small.wonder that, and with appropriate @affirmativeanxiety she grabs some of the @Showbread out of the pack that she @Qlipped onto her belt, along with the antidote(duh), and the day is saved!
    Soooooo how many people have you eaten this week?
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    "Which TypoC member would you eat..."

    Why do these titles keep tricking me hahaha troll titles haha

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    I'm so narcissistic that I choose myself, as I'm sure I taste better than anyone
    J. Scott Crothers
    aka "Bush Did 9/11"
    Founder, Truthtology, est. 1952
    Prophet and Channel, God Almighty
    Author, the Holy scripture Elevenetics

    "Just as jet fuel cannot melt steel beams, so too cannot the unshakeable pillars of Truthtology ever be shaken, whether by man, nature, or evidence."
    - Elevenetics
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    ^ yeah I'd eat you too, you're the tastiest piece of meat on this forum
    3 octaves, 2 notes and 1 semitone
    Supported range: F#2-F#4-C#5

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    Highlander. Obv. Trickle down strategy
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

    Theory is always superseded by Fact...
    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
    Richard Feynman's last recorded words

    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    'Cuz if I don't eat them, they'd eat me
    And of course @Xann
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

    “sometimes... confused people are funnier, nicer, and more open-minded than non-confused people.” labyrinthine

    6w7 > 1w2 > 4w3

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