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Thread: Fanfare and Failure - An MBTIc glossary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    success: learned the importance of filtering and emphasis in discourse. (teehee^)
    fail: like that does me any good.
    Pffffft :-PPPP At least I'm honest and straightforward....I'm an extravert - whaddya want?!?!?!

    Like I said in the DOH moments - I can't focus - maybe you can teach me!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    Standardized education often offers poor dividends for the brightest students. More often than not, giftedness is thought to be a guaranteed catalyst for opportunities unparalleled later in life.

    Regressing to the mean is typically the opportunity they refer to.

    As a philosophy, I've never understood why intelligence and success were positively correlated.
    There are many bright people for who standardised education is fine, and their combination of intelligence and success at school brings more success later in life. The causes of the exceptions to that are many and varied. In other words, there are more ways for something to be broken than there for it to be functioning correctly.
    A criticism that can be brought against everything ought not to be brought against anything.

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    Success: In correspondence sent to me via my capacity as a civil service commissioner, our consultant addressed me with the title "Esquire."

    Failure: I'm not an attorney!

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    Success: I have a desirable job in a male-dominated field - out of five rare book cataloguers at work, I'm the only woman.

    Failure: I'm thinking...

    I guess it would be not learning how to apply make-up well.
    Proud Female Rider in Maverick's Bike Club.

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    Success: Received two scholarships for college which promised full tuition coverage (which they didn't of course, but that's besides the point). Both were won via academic achievement alone, rather than chance, or a nice description of myself or whatnot.

    Failure: Allowing my shyness to keep me from befriending some cool people, missing out on various experiences, etc. (Overcoming this shyness I consider another success)

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