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Thread: White/Gold or Black/Blue?

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    Let's see, if this picture was accurate to the dress's real appearance, it would simply look vibrant blue and black, but the image looks really faded and darkened with light in the background, so the dress's color looks questionable to me. Black however seems out of the question. I've never light so bright that it makes black look gold or brown, I find this too odd. I have seen a shadow make white look darker and bluer many times, so this dress just looks like it could be white and gold in the shadows, and since the irl dress is not, this is just a terrible photo!

    Original image:

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    It's purple and ice
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    every time i've looked at this image, it appeared black and blue.

    i can see how someone would perceive the illusion of blue and gold because the light reflecting off the black has a yellowish hue.

    however, i don't as easily see how the blue could be perceived as white because the light's reflection gives the blue the least amount of contrast.

    wooo... spooky dress. lol.

    not really. just a good demonstration of how much predisposition plays a role in how someone interprets facts.
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