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Thread: Following Your Heart

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    Having not read a single response, I'll give mine:
    It probably doesn't mean "follow your emotions," 'cause that would be lame. I'm thinking it's more like, "Stay true to who you are"... "follow your soul" might be better.

    I have another question: What the hell does that parrot mean when he says, "Follow your nose" ? 1) It's a bird... its nose consists of 2 holes. There's nothing to follow. 2) Fruit Loops are not particularly fragrant. 3) No matter where you go, you're following your nose unless you're walking backwards. It's madness!

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    For me, following my heart means jumping off and not looking back. It doesn't need to make sense and I'm able to easily ignore naysayers, whether they are friends or family or loved ones. It means running to that point on the horizon that you just know you have to see.

    When I've wanted to follow my heart and stopped myself or been stopped, I've just felt crushed. Especially big dreams that I pinned my hyperactive imaginary future life and self-image on. You really feel like something has died a little.

    When it comes to following my heart, I don't care about practicality or reason or what's the best decision or right or wrong, it's what's right for me.

    Then again, I'm very impulsive and independent by nature and I want what I want.
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