What if I'm not feeling anything, am happy, calm, or relaxed? What's wrong with being this way? What's the obsession with suffering, hurt, misery, etc, and with adding it, trying to get everyone to roll around in it, and with constantly trying to intensify it? What's the obsession with trying to make people like me more of a bitch, more needy, codependent, whiny, insecure, sappy, etc? Why can't someone not be bothered by everything, not be needy, and not codependent? What's with the "and everyone X" and the "it's OK to be X" and everything else that makes you all sound stupid and that makes it clear you think you're right when you say all this garbage? What's the obsession with projecting your own feelings, or how I "clearly feel" or how I should clearly feel because that's what an idiot would be in that situation, even though I don't feel that way?

Face it. I'm not needy, volatile, insecure, codependent, emotionally codependent, whiny, bitchy, weak, cowardly, bothered by everything, negative, pessimistic, sociopathic, awkward, pathetic, reactive, or any of this garbage. And the only thing I've experienced as I've gone through life are you idiots continually trying to make this crap into who I am, as though everyone has to be this way, and as though I've always been this way, and as though it's that I wasn't being honest with myself. Everyday I become less of who I am, and more of a bitch, and I have idiots like you to thank for it. More worthless, more reactive, more bothered by things. All of it. And all there is are you idiots laughing saying more of the most patronizing garbage, while trying to say you were right. You all know you're full of it, you all know you're the ones that are this worthless, you all know I'm nothing like this, but you just kept doing it anyway. You are all obsessed with taking the shit of what you all are, pointing it in the direction of whoever is not that way, then trying to say it's them and trying to have that become who they are. You are all insecure, worthless losers who are obsessed with saying it's everyone else, not you. It has to be everyone else, it has to be "and you do it, too," because none of you idiots can face who you are. It's just one long endless stream of you projecting shit onto everyone else so you can say there's nothing wrong with you, no one's better than you, and it's everyone else.

I think it's about lying and making things up. How you're feeling is irrelevant. It's about how they are feeling, what they want to say you're feeling, and them being able to say they were right. Figure out what they are feeling, then repeat it back to them so they can say they were right (because clearly that's how you feel). Anything else and you've "given the wrong answer," are insecure, in denial, emotionally unavailable, afraid to be honest with yourself, and not willing to accept who you are.

But I'm never going to do it. Every time this happens, it always ends up being some garbage they are trying to accuse me of or are trying to say I am, or something stupid someone said about me that they are trying to say is true. It always ends up being some weakness or stupidity on their part that they are trying to excuse themselves of by saying it's me, or by saying "you do it too, so therefore." It always ends up being me reacting to a situation properly, or not letting it get to me, and it hurting their feelings, because they'd react like an idiot, and more importantly, because they want to think I'd react like an idiot and because they thought I'd react like an idiot and they want to say they were right.

I'm never doing it! All I will ever do is say exactly who I am, exactly what I think, and exactly the nothing I'm feeling. I'll never stop doing it. Anything else, and it will be the shit you all are once again shitting on my life, shitting on who I am, and replacing whatever I am with this garbage you've always wanted to be me. And I'm sure you'll all continually laugh and carry on as though there's nothing wrong with what you're doing, because values, ethics, concern for others, or any of the other garbage you like throwing in the face of people like me are all irrelevant to you unless it's being said to get you more of what you want. The only thing I see wherever you go is that you're always looking for an excuse to make another BS accusation. You're always making things up, twisting things around, and anything else that will once again leave you shitting on, wearing down, and trying to ruin everyone else, so you can pretend the bitch isn't you, and that there's no one better than you. It's always the same. In a world where you all get your way, there'd be nothing but weakness, everyone would be worthless, all the dumbest things that could happen at any given moment would happen, and you'd all be bitching anyway, complaining about who isn't there for you, complaining about not being appreciated, shitting on everyone, insulting everyone, and laughing because everyone has to writhe around in pain, even though everything out of your mouth is shit.