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Thread: Veggie people?

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    Default Veggie people?

    Any vegetarians/vegans around here?

    I''m myself a vegetarian since five years now, no meat/fish and seldom eggs. There are of course a hundred reasons to be veggie, or at least decrease your meat consumption, as we all know

    Saving the rainforest, helping prevent massive discharge of greenhouse gases, decreasing world starvation, caring for your own health (true at least for red meat), and of course, the most obvious, protesting against the horrible meat industry itself, which reducers animals to "meat producers", denying them any chance to a good animal life. (Not too say that I find it a bit disgusting - I wouldn't eat animal meat the same way anyone here (I suppose?) wouldn't eat human meat.)

    Veggie people, where are you?

    (This is not supposed to be a thread for debating - though if anyone wants to ask something out of pure interest, I will of course do my best to *enlighten* them.) ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
    Any vegetarians/vegans around here?
    Quote Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
    Veggie people, where are you?
    Falcarius is the godfather of vegetarianism. There are a few others as well, but not that many.


    Falcarius depending on how one defines vegetarianism has always been a vegetarian. He was a pesco-vegetarian until he was about five years old, but he watched too much David the Gnome and Animals Of Farthing Wood, and also did not like the taste of red meat. So when Mr and Mrs Utahensis tried to make him eat red meat he rebelled and became an Ovo-lacto vegetarian; he has been more or less been an Ovo-lacto vegetarian since.
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    I'm a one-year convert to vegetarianism. I do, however, eat food with eggs in it (like pancakes).

    Well, Falcarius, you have a point about being the godfather of vegetarianism... kind of... except that in human history the first group recorded as strictly vegetarian (in fact, they were often vegan) was that of the Jains, of the religion of Jainism, beginning back in the 8th to 6th centuries BCE.

    (Pythagoras and some early Hindus don't count, since they were willing to consume meat that was consecrated as part of a sacrifice).
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    I likes the animals with a glint in their eye and warmth in their blood. lacto-ovo vegetarian here.

    For as long as my mother can remember I never liked the taste, as soon as I was old enough to chose I stop eating meat altogether.

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    from age 9 to 19 I was a lacto-ovo veggie, then homelessness and poverty forced me to have to be less picky about my food.

    these days I still don't really want to eat meat. I don't buy it or go out of my way to get it, though if it's plonked in front of me I'll eat it, semi-reluctantly. Mainly so as to be polite.

    I sort of do but don't want to go veggie again. I do, for myself, but then I don't because I know it'd be a total pain in the ass because of the kids. I couldn't force it on them, and I really couldn't bothered with cooking like six different meals a day.

    It has nothing to do with animal rights or whatever for me. It's all about religious and personal discipline. And some other probably Fi related stuff that I don't really understand or get, but is still pretty powerful.
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    My mom became an ovo-lacto vegetarian when she was 22, and she raised me like that. I wanted to try eating meat when I was around four, she let me pick what I wanted, I hated it, that was that.

    When I was in 8th grade I became more strict, but technically not a vegan. My mom rescues/rehabilitates ducks but then keeps them as pets, so I'll eat their eggs because I know they're taken care of well. But I don't eat dairy, other eggs, gelatin, or honey (or any products containing them).

    When I go to countries that literally don't have the infrastructure to do factory farming, I'm okay with eating dairy, eggs, etc (but not gelatin, you have to kill them for that).

    If I found a farm around here that I really trusted, I'd be okay with eating their dairy/eggs, but it's hard to get that kind of information.

    My personal thoughts about this are that if you have to eat meat (nomadic tribe, 3rd world country, poverty etc), then fine. But, if you are able to abstain, do it. Other products that don't require the death of the animal are fine, so long as the way in which they are raised is ethical.

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    *ear pricks up*
    *looks around* :horor:
    *grabs his dead bunny and runs off for another corner*
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    Me and Twin Sis are both vegans for necessary health conditions.
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    I was a vegetarian from... like 12 to 18 I think.

    Which in retrospect might have been a very bad call for when to do that.

    I was dealing with being a part of society, I didn't consider benefiting from the death causing actions of someone I felt no allegiance to to be very noble.

    wails from the crypt.

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    Well, seems to be a bunch of us then!

    Myself I became a vegetarian at 15, partly due to some heavy influence from people around me, especially my big sisters who are both vegetarians and have been vegans for periods. One of them gave me a book for Christmas, "Why Vegan", which explained all the main reasons to go veggie, a little biased and a little simplified, but a great place to start. A big problem actually seems to be that people are so uninformed, that it is not commonly known for example that the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all the world's transports, or the extreme conditions that most of these animals live under. And, oh, all these stupid comments: "But if everyone would eat vegetables, then what would the animals eat?"

    Hm, perhaps... vegetables?

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