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Thread: people are people

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    Default people are people

    Let me explain something about myself to those who may not understand, but I have earned a living from being on stage, and even in brief instances filmed and photographed, so I get REALLY FREAKED OUT when people are excessively mean about famous people. I don't think I see what you see when I look at actors and musicians, because my dad was a musician, I have worked as an adult entertainer, and now that I've done yoga in the same class as people who have been on television or in Hollywood films, it really upsets me when people talk shit about other human beings they don't know who happen to be famous. I know our society is like that, but seriously if some of you guys are so fucking awesome and smart and intellectual, how is it that you wouldn't have the EQ to realize that Amanda Bynes and Katy Perry are people, and so am I for that matter. It totally freaks me out when people expect me to be kind to them after they've been systematically tearing down another human being.

    Can you discuss the way it's sick and wrong to divide some human beings into real and not real? Do you personally get that all people are real, whether they live in your neighborhood or are on typology central or are on tv? Do you guys get how doing this to humans is fucking up humanity and how seeing people are people could potentially help us?

    Possibly not because I'm sure some of you think I am inappropriate. But the hilarious part is that I see a lot of socially acceptable behavior as inappropriate.
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    If I walked into your street, took off my clothes, smeared myself with dog shit and screamed insanely, would you form an opinion of me, despite not being directly involved?

    I agree that people are people and wishing actual harm or death on people just because they are celebrities and because of what they do is a negative precedent, but the cult of celebrity, whether an entertainer in the form of music or an actor or etc.... is something that we are exposed to endlessly. Part of it is of course the deliberate exposures of media sources, which are more a business when it comes to celebrities. However there are also the actions of those people themselves.

    If the information is obtained through such underhanded methods as phone-tapping, the backstabbing second-hand information of someone who claims to know the celebrity, stealing of some form etc... then I could see the obvious bias and revealing of information that wasn't made public by the individuals involved.

    But when someone acts out on a global medium or in public, celebrity or not, people will have judgements. It might not be a nice thing, it might not be a fair thing, but volunteering that information through public actions opens it up to criticism, or empathy or indifference. It's a personal responsibility thing.

    In other words: Yes people are people, which is why people are free to be mean, or nice, or neutral...or whatever just as you are to dislike those who seem mean. Then again there are probably huge gaps in my logic, as my clunky scenario shows.

    Although I do get the point of people apparently forgetting that celebrities are human beings too, I just don't think I've seen much here that demonstrates that. Forgive my ignorance there.
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    Usually, when a text is preceded by a tautological headline, I expect its conclusion to be... a bit less so.

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    There's a lot wrong with the world, but talking shit about celebrities is pretty low on my list of things to sort out.

    I mean, of course they're people, there's a lot of people I dislike heavily, and a lot of people I care so little about it hurts to breathe their name. Katy Perry is one such example.

    The public domain is the public domain though, as AffirmitiveAnxiety touched on, these people make their living by remaining in the public eye for as long as possible with whatever craft or skill they're proficient at. Criticism, dislike, and sometimes abuse (while often unjustified) are part of the lifestyle and part of the career. It's perfectly reasonable that someone should form an opinion of someone that they've been made aware of, directly involved or not, and if the opinion is contemptuous then that's fine, you don't have to agree with them.

    As far as 'fucking up humanity' goes, I'd rather address the celebrity personality culture that seems to zombify some people before I address idle gossip.
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    i like to perform as well. i love music and singing and have had the thought of fame presented to me many times. and i'm terrified of it. i don't think i'm like so great that i can be famous or anything, but the sheer thought of it makes me feel legitimate fear.

    part of that, not the only part, is exactly what you're describing. people are ruthless. celebrities (and sometimes, just rich people in general) are treated like free game since they're much better off than us. they're so rich and lucky, they don't deserve anything including basic respect. it's a really messed up moral superiority complex on a large scale.

    the other reason is that i really do think that being in that position, living that lifestyle, is opening yourself up to a lot of...corruption, or distortion. there's some truth in things they're hated on for. i'm not saying i'm any better than them, i'm sure i'd get somewhat sucked up in it and then probably have some kind of nervous breakdown and go nuts. and then the public would talk about me and make it a billion times worse. i dunno, i deal with that kind of thing on a much smaller scale in my own humble lower middle class (or whatever) life.

    so, i think we should be kind to celebrities. i think they're people and should be appreciated for their talents. but there's a whole media cog that exploits their humanity. people, ground people, are just responding to that. it's unfortunate, and i think we should be able to see through it, but i'm disappointed in us all the time for that kind of thing.
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    well fuck billy ocean. what a scumbag. i've never met him but he's just awful. ugghhhaarrgh.
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    Only read Nicodemus and Starcrash's posts ITT.
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    Not according to Slipknot.
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    Adults who choose to put themselves in the spotlight, they still deserve compassion of course, but I especially think it's wrong for kids to grow up under public scrutiny. Seems very hard for them to adjust successfully into adulthood.

    Of course it's the parents' job to protect their kids and set boundaries.

    But we, the public play our own role as the consumers of their lives and of their mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velveteen View Post
    Not according to Slipknot.

    OT: Often the people expressing these socially destructive sentiments live by fairly strict principles, and are disdainful of some celebrities for broadcasting values they view as repulsive.
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