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Thread: Mom Quotes

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    I can't remember if I put this one in here before, but it doesn't matter. Two years ago my daughter applied to a study abroad language program through the NSA that would have taken her to Jordan or Morocco to learn Arabic. (She didn't get in so she didn't end up going, but she was pretty excited about it at the time.)

    My mom asked her how long she would be gone, and my daughter answered "six to eight weeks." My mom got this horrified look on her face and exclaimed: "Sixty-eight weeks?!"

    What a crazy old lady she was. Miss you, Mama.
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    ESFJ Mother: Do you have clean underwear? I can send you more if you don't have enough.
    ENTP Brother: Mom! Who cares? I'm at war!
    Mother: Are you sure? You have to stay clean. It can't be comfortable with all that sand and heat.
    Brother: It's fine. (battle buddy laughing in the background because he can hear this convo)
    Mother: But what if you're hurt or die and the medic is attending you? Do you want them to see your racing stripes?
    Brother: I really doubt I'll care at that point Mom!!!

    (Update: She sent more underwear anyway. Cuz Mom.)
    "There is no god; there is only us. Savage and fragile."

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    You argue too much..
    What if I went their and find it myself?!
    You lazy people sleeping all day..
    I'm not feeling well..
    *endless medical analysis*
    Clinicians are not capable of doing their jobs..
    I wish I was never married and had children.
    No one listens to me when I say..
    I told you so..
    You're not cautious..
    Work for a cause not for Applause
    Live to express not to Impress

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    not quotes but my mom mispronouces some things and no matter how many times you correct her she still says

    quinoa as qui-no-wa
    and jaritas as jareds

    she called me today and was like "I'm in cash saver looking for jared's soda" and I'm all like what? "i think i need the lime for sangria"
    "I'm like you know it's pronouced haritas," "oh yes jaritas" (still the j sound)
    by @magpie

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