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Thread: Toki Pona - An entire language with less than 150 words :)

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    Default Toki Pona - An entire language with less than 150 words :)

    So I don't know if any of you are interested in artificial languages, but I just found out about this one and it's pretty interesting. Toki Pona isn't meant to be a replacement for the major player, Esperanto. But it's neat that someone was able to create a language with so few words. The entire dictionary (including definitions) can be printed on a single, double-sided sheet of paper. The catch is that you really have to work in simplifying yourself. Just thought I'd share!

    Wikipedia article
    Main site
    Learn Toki Pona in 18 lessons

    My attempt at translating the above text in Toki Pona:

    ken la toki ni li pona tawa sina. tenpo pini lili la mi kute e toka pona. ona li pona tawa mi. toki pona li utala ala e toki Esperanto. ni li pona tawa mi: jan li ken pali e toki kepeken nimi pi mute lili. sina ken sitelen e nimi ali pi toka pona kepeken lipu tu. taso sina wile toki kepeken nimi pona. mi wile toki e ni tawa sina tute!


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    Cool exercise.
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    The idea is interesting. However, I am curious as to how one could communicate more abstract
    and nuanced ideas with so few words.
    A lack of context-specific vocabulary would make things difficult, I think. So it makes sense that
    this language would be used to communicate simple, factual things. I do see the similarities
    to Esperanto, and I remember reading that Esperanto was an attempt at a universal language.
    This begs the question, then: Is language better, more meaningful, and more accessible
    in its simplest form?

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    This will be fun to learn thanks!
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    seems gimmicky.

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