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    Default Man’s girlfriend and ex-partner jump into river to see who he’ll rescue

    ARTICLE: Man’s girlfriend and ex-partner jump into river to see who he’ll rescue

    A CONFUSED boyfriend was faced with a tricky choice after both his ex and current girlfriend threw themselves into a river to see who he would rescue.

    Wu Hsia, 21, had broken up with long-term girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, after meeting new love Rong Tsao, 22, in Ningbo city in east China’s Zhejiang province.

    But over the following three months, jilted Jun kept hassling him to get back with her and pressuring Rong to leave him.

    Eventually, Wu decided to arrange a meeting between the three of them at a nearby park next to a river. “I was sick of being nagged from both sides,” he said.

    “Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all go too much.

    “I became confused about who I wanted so I thought it would be best if we all met and talked about it.”

    But when they got to the river, the situation went from bad to worse.

    “The girls began arguing and then Jun flipped and jumped off the bridge and straight into the water.

    “She was calling for help but then Rong also leapt over saying it was her or my ex.

    “I was completely dumbfounded about what was going on.

    “But then I realised that I had to do something so I also jumped in but to save Rong.”

    After dragging the soaking wet girl ashore, Wu phoned his brother to rescue the floundering ex before taking Rong home.

    Meanwhile Wu’s brother called the fire brigade who arrived at the scene and helped Jun out of the water.

    “She was taken to hospital but was released soon after without any major injuries,” a hospital spokesman said.

    “I was put in a difficult situation and had to make a choice between right and wrong,” Wu admitted.

    “And I chose Rong.”
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    “I was put in a difficult situation and had to make a choice between right and wrong,” Wu admitted.

    “And I chose Rong.”
    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.

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    Last night I was laying in my bed, counting the beautiful stars till I realized "Where the heck is my ceiling?!".
    Imagine this is the best thing you've ever read.

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    Medicine Hat basketball player allowed to use f-word last name

    For one college basketball player in Medicine Hat, Alta., the f-word is not a profanity — it's his last name.

    But for the past two years, Guy Carbagiale Fuck has been asked by his coaches to, literally, drop the f-bomb and go by "Guy Carbagiale" on the roster.

    "I played in a very small city," said Fuck. "To avoid community conflict, they asked me to go by my first and middle name."

    The Brazilian-born forward says his surname is actually pronounced "Foo-key" and only became an issue when he moved to the United States to play basketball.


    When asked if he's ever thought about changing his last name, the answer is no.

    "No, no, no. I want to have kids, I want to spread the Fuck last name," he said.

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    The Bathtub Test

    During a visit to a mental asylum , I asked the director , " how do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized ?" "Well" replied the director , " we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask them which one they want to empty the bathtub with. Oh I see, so a normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the tea cup" I replied. "No" said the director, "A normal person would pull the plug . Would you like your bed near the window ?"

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